National Dog Day: Why is it celebrated in Colombia on August 26?

The aim is to raise awareness about abandonment, responsible ownership, and the situation of homeless dogs.

Dogs and cats have become over time an important part of families. Loving a dog and sharing the day-to-day with it is a source of pride and satisfaction and therefore in the country every August 26 is celebrated as the national day of this pet.

This date was established in order to recognize the contribution that these animals make to people’s lives and raise awareness about the importance of caring for and protecting them, as they play a leading role as part of many homes. In the same way, it seeks to raise awareness about abandonment, responsible ownership, and the situation of specimens that are homeless.

Having a canine provides many benefits. For example, they help fight depression. The increase in oxytocin, the reduction of stress, and the increase of the sense of responsibility are some of its advantages. They also improve communication, force people to leave home, and have a positive impact on cardiovascular health.

Having a dog makes people acquire responsibilities beyond feeding because it is necessary to attend to these furry with veterinary care, take them for a walk, play with them and maintain proper cleaning, among other things.

The specialists of Purina Latam propose additional benefits that these animals offer to the lives of humans.

1. A dog is the most faithful companion in the world, his love is unconditional and for life. It’s the best friend anyone can choose.Dogs become members of the family.

© Provided by Week Dogs become members of the family.

2. These animals can make people happy in the slightest. For example, receiving its owner with barks of joy, while wagging his tail, is one of the best sensations that people experience.

3. The closeness with this pet generates hormones in the body that can help household members feel very complete. A dog does not question when people are sad or angry. He is always there waiting for love to be given to him. Their presence helps to relax.

4. In a human-dog relationship, very special bonds are created, until there comes a point where they become a member of the family.

5. It is a company to leave home, shares the possibility of doing the exercise that in the end results in the health of the heart, bones, and muscles.

6. The presence of a dog helps children take responsibility. For example, it teaches them to care for another living being, as well as to give and learn from the unconditional love offered by these tender animals.Dogs are ideal pets.nickyLloyd © Dogs are ideal pets.

There are many breeds of dogs ideal to have at home or indoors, however, there are some that experts recommend, of course, this will depend on the space and preferences of people when deciding to take one of them to your home.

Breeds such as Frenchies are very popular, but there is also the French bulldog, the pug, the Boston terrier, labradors, Maltese bichon, golden retriever, among others. The choice is also related to who you will accompany in the family. If it is for an older adult or if it is for a child, the race can be different, because each of them has particular characteristics in terms of personality, need for exercise, and temperament, among others.

It is estimated that in Colombia 30% of households have a dog and for this, it is a special date to pamper these family members in their day, it is ideal. They are recommended from beauty sessions to gifts that can be cookies or new toys.

However, we must not forget those who do not have an owner and who also need love and affection of special care, in addition to food so that they can have a dignified life.

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