Photos Of A Man Hugging A Wild Lion Will Bring You To Tears

Kevin Richardson is an animal behaviorist who has become famous for getting up close to wild animals, including lions and hyenas.

In viral photos, taken by a GoPro camera, the so-called “lion whisperer” can be seen hugging and cuddling two lions that he rescued as cubs when their mother abandoned them. The lions are now 10 years old.

Despite all of this time living in the wild in South Africa, the lions still respond to Richardson’s voice. He calls the animals’ names and they come running to greet him. That was beautiful! This is how relationships between humans and animals should be: caring, loving, aware. This was very inspirational to watch, thank u Lion Whisperer

Richardson’s methods are controversial since interacting with wild animals is obviously dangerous. But on his website, Richardson argues that developing personal relationships with lions brings attention to their plight in captivity and the wild.

A large study published in the journal Science this week found that three-quarters of the world’s top predators, including lions, are going extinct. This is largely due to habitat loss.

I’m so jealous of Kevin. It’s interesting to see the love these big beastly killas have for him. I’ve always been impressed at how affectionate lions are with their pride mates, then to see them be like that with a human is an even more awesome sight to behold. Lucky  Kevin.

Love watching these photos, it’s amazing to see wild animals up close and personal like this, it’s so amazing when these animals are treated and loved like pets, without any force and just by being kind and loving, the way the lion whisperer plays and the lions run to him is so beautiful to watch.

Thank you, GoPro for making possible all the images that Kevin shares with his subscribers. It is a privilege to watch him interact with these majestic creatures and if it were not for your products, we would have never seen it. Bravo to Kevin and bravo to GoPro!

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