Photos of an Unusual Pet Family Are a Hit Online

On Instagram, an odd family of animals is gaining popularity. By frequently sharing photos from the life of one man’s pets: an unusual but tight-knit group consisting of one golden retriever, one hamster, and eight birds, the account @bob goldenretriever has amassed over 77,000 followers.

31-year-old Bob, the golden retriever owned by Luiz Higa Junior of So Paulo, Brazil, is just over two years old, according to PetaPixel. He started off with simply Bob, a cockatiel, and a parakeet.

“I’ve been putting them together since the beginning to watch how they behave,” he explains. “It was enjoyable, so I decided to have them play together occasionally in my spare time.”

His Instagram account has been progressively rising in popularity after he added more birds and a hamster to the group. The group may be seen posing, playing, exploring, and relaxing together in Higa’s images.

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