Pinkie, The Rare Pink Dolphin, Spotted in Louisiana Waters Confirmed a Female

Pinkie the dolphin has been wowed by locals and visitors in Louisiana for over a decade. Pinkie is entirely pink from nose to tail, unlike some dolphins that have pink bellies. Pinkie is thought to have albinism, a hereditary disease in which a dolphin is born lacking the pigment that gives its skin its natural gray hue.

Pinkie, the fabled pink dolphin, is here to meet you. She’s been cruising the Louisiana waterways for years, stunning numerous spectators with her unusual skin tone.

Skipper Erik Rue, a charter boat captain, took photos of her swimming in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

Pink dolphins are often seen in the Amazon and are an uncommon genetic abnormality.

“Dolphins have pink bellies,” he explained, “so I simply started thinking this is a genetic defect.” “I suppose it would be white if it was albino.” I’ve changed my mind as I’ve studied the photos I’ve collected. Except for the fact that it’s pink and her eyes don’t fully open, it’s a totally normal dolphin that does everything the others do.

Nobody had been able to confirm Pinkie’s gender until recently, and many people thought she was female solely because of her color. Only last year did someone get near enough to photograph Pinkie in action during the mating season.

Despite the fact that they’ve known each other since 2007 (he claims Pinkie is an inquisitive dolphin that swims as close as 10 feet to his boat), he said in 2015 that he finally worked out that Pinkie is a girl. Since a charter boat skipper observed the rose-colored animal coupling in Louisiana waters two weeks ago, Pinkie has been determined to be female.

“I think a lot of people are surprised when they see it and it’s truly bright pink like we started,” Rue remarked. “They exclaim, ‘Oh my god, it’s so pink.’ They’re taken aback by the fact that it’s exactly how we described it to them.

He went on to say, “It’s quite lovely to look at.”

Pinkie, according to Rue, is an inquisitive dolphin that swims within five to ten feet of his boat on occasion.

Rue said it’s unknown where she acquired her unusual color from, despite the fact that he recently learned she’s a female dolphin.

“It’s fascinating to learn that such things exist in the world, and it’s really lovely to behold.”

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  1. What a lovely mammal she is; just like albino humans and birds etc. I guess she doesn’t have the same trouble with sunburn though…

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