Robert Irwin Makes Better Wildlife Photos Than You Do

Remember Steve Irwin, the man that made modern society fall in love with Mother Nature’s finest creations? Well, apparently his son Robert is the proverbial apple that didn’t fall far from the tree. He makes some amazing wildlife photos that give you a unique view of nature.

Despite only being 13 years old, Robert’s pictures are nothing short of amazing. He’s had a wildlife fascination since being a wee little lad (guess which parent he got that from) and his pictures have already been recognized in several photography contests. My pictures can’t even get a dozen likes on Facebook, so I’m guessing I’m quite a ways off from international recognition. Then again, I don’t take pictures of tigers. I’m not a very fast runner and I’m pretty sure I have no other skills that might save me from the inevitable moment a tiger thinks I look like a proper two-day meal.

Robert travels the world with his family, making these pictures wherever he goes. I’m sure he’ll be making wildlife pictures for many years to come, and it’s fair to assume he’ll only get better and better at it – despite his level of photography already being insanely high for a 13-year-old. We’ve got lots to look forward to, in other words! Go, Robert!

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