Romantic seven-night Northern Forest Zoo to see the fancy “Show grace love”

Love is a kind of growth, love is a kind of companionship. Romantic seven nights, see their fancy “love.” The animals in the northern forest zoo served seven nights, showing great love, sweet honey festival, the ceremony was full, staged a textbook-level demonstration.

Sweet First Love “Object”

At the Northern Forest Zoo Elephant Museum, there is an African elephant couple of green plum bamboo horses, one 13 years old, one 14 years old, just to know how to talk about love. On normal days, two baby elephants often walk side by side together. The little boyfriend will take the initiative to pull his girlfriend’s nose, pat the back, even eat and drink together, he will also use the nose to tick the legs, rub the belly, occasionally to touch the head to kill. The object of love at the beginning of love, always can’t help touching each other’s body, feel not too sweet.

Love “expert” Arab slug

Exotic-looking Arab dragonflies, although the temperament is rough, love to fight groups, but their favorite opposite sex is very fond. Males, as “professional” suitors, will pay attention to their girlfriends after followed, send good food for more performance, combing hair to be gracious, more romantic dragonflies accompany the likes of “people” climb to the roof to see the scenery. Such a witty dragonfly is simply a full sense of ritual.

Security blasts the blue horned horse

In the northern forest corner, horse hall has a male South African blue horn horse “handsome”, the spirit of the mane, the windy double horns, the body shape, very handsome, very man, very straight man. Although he is less likely to please his partner and less romantic, he is very responsible for his partner and family. Every time you feel the danger, intuitively sharp “handsome” on the stand up directly in front of his girlfriend. His girlfriend hid behind him at ease and continued to eat grass and rest. A “handsome” girlfriend is simply full of security. For the blue-horned horse “handsome”, guarding the safety of the partner is their own way of expressing romance.

than the heart showed love for flamingos

Gentle temperament, beautiful appearance flamingos, love is obvious gentle sweetness. Flamingos are mainly monogamous and show enthusiasm for their spouses. The flamingos that determine a relationship express their love by grooming you, savoring food with you, walking games with you, resting quietly with you, and expressing love with their unique S-neck “more than heart”. Flamingo’s way of showing love, fully expressed the companionship is the longest love confession.

Wetlands kiss the coronation crane

The crown of the crowned crane that lives in the artificial wetland lake is striking in the sun. Beautiful daisy crane couples are always inseparable like walking in the plant-rich stream, play, looking for food, being happy when the song express joy, express their love, but also sweet kiss, anytime, anywhere show love.

As the seventh-night approaches, the animals in the Northern Forest Zoo express their love in their own way, creating their own sweet memories. (China Daily Heilongjiang Reporter Station)

Source: ChinaDaily

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