Samurai Armor For Your Cats And Dogs Are An Actual Thing!

Traditional Japanese armor was always meant to be worn by samurai warriors, and it was a real honor to don one of these badass-looking battle armaments. Maybe this was the reason why this one Japanese company – Samurai Age – decided to make such armors for cats and dogs, making them one of the best presents I personally can think of, when it comes to pleasing my fellow pet owners. It’s either this or a bag of cat/dog food.

These special outfits for our furry rascals are made of dozens of leather and steel components all woven together using an ancient technique passed down from one generation of armorers to the next… Nah, just kidding, that would be too anime even for Japan!

The armor is optimized for pets of various sizes, but even if you have a big fat cat or a tiny Chihuahua, Samurai Age will make a set specially for you! Although it may not be the cheapest gift, as, depending of the size, these artifacts will cost you anywhere from 125 to 150 US dollars. But hey, you’re getting your own personal samurai pet! I say it’s well worth it.

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