Science: Why do dogs’ paws smell like Cheetos?

Many people have noticed it, the legs of dogs tend to smell like Cheetos, but this is something really normal and I do not say it myself, science says it.

Apart from the fact that we have to worry or think that there is some kind of problem with our puppy, we leave you below the real explanation about the smell of Cheetos that our dogs have on their legs, something that many give them a lot of tenderness.

Of course, keep in mind that they do not smell the legs of Cheetos because they are fans of this product secretly, so once you can rule out that your dog buys this snack.© Provided by FayerWayer

Dogs smelling of Cheetos, according to science

After living with our pets for a long time, we can develop such a bond with them that personal space ceases to be something of importance. But as people continue to live with their dogs, they can realize the strange smell of frying that their little legs have, a smell that reminds us of the Cheetos.

But as we said before, it’s not that your dog eats Cheetos in secret, but there is a scientific explanation that will also help us know much more about the body of our friend’s canines.

First of all, you have to know that almost all the sweat glands of dogs are in the pads of their paws, so we can already begin to give an idea of where the smell of Cheetos comes from.© Provided by FayerWayer

But the smell is not produced merely by sweat, but this is the result of an accumulation of bacteria that are called “pseudomonas” and that accumulate inside the pads of the paws of dogs. The smell of these bacteria, together with the sweat, makes us smell the characteristic smell of Cheetos on the legs of our back.

It doesn’t mean they’re sick by any means.

As we mentioned before, this is something really common among puppies, so you have nothing to worry about if that is the case because this bacterium does not harm them at all.

Something that you should obviously keep in mind is that that does not mean that you should neglect your dog’s pads, far from it, because if they smell of Cheetos intensifies a lot or becomes a completely unpleasant smell, then that is an indicator that something bad may be happening in your dog’s legs.

Another indicator that your dog may have an infection is that he dies the pads very often, which would mean that there is some kind of discomfort in the legs and that it requires medical attention before any problems can occur.

Keep in mind all the above when taking care of your pet, because the pads are very important parts of all our canine friends and it is worth helping them to keep them always in good condition.

In short: the smell is normal and is caused by a bacterium that does not harm dogs at all, but if the smell intensifies and becomes unpleasant, it is likely that there is some kind of infection.

Speaking of the pads, keep in mind also that it is not good to take your dog out for a walk in intense sun and for a long time in the concrete because this can hurt the pads of their paws a lot, which is never a good thing. Let’s take great care of our canine friends, just as they would take care of us if we were in their place.

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