Spices and seasonings: which are suitable for children’s menu

Just a few fragrant grains – and the usual dish has a completely new smell and taste. One and a half hundred spices known to the world open up space for the culinary imagination of adults. But will they suit the kids?

Usually, spices (or spices) are called everything that is flavored, seasoned, and flavored food: dried cumin seeds, clove buds, pepper fruits, cinnamon bark, mint leaves, and much more. By the way, do not confuse spices and seasonings – the latter, for example, include sauces, which can be separate dishes, or mixtures of several types of spices, sometimes with salt and additives.

The unique, bright smell and taste of spices is the merit of their aromatic acids, essential oils, tannins. They enhance the production of digestive juices and improve appetite. True, the abundance of nutrients spices can not boast. Therefore, spices (unlike salt) are absolutely not an obligatory “participant” in our diet.

Spices are indispensable when you need to give the dish a special taste and aroma, soften the pungent smell of the original products. Spices help products and dishes to be stored longer because many of them kill bacteria: this property has a Yamayan and pepper, cumin, cloves, bay leaf, rosemary.

And the kid can?

Despite the numerous merits of spices, children’s nutritionists treat them very restrained, especially when it comes to the youngest. The fact is that the gastrointestinal tract of babies is very vulnerable to any irritants, and burning spices can easily cause inflammation in it. In addition, some spices often lead to allergies.

That is why to acquaint the baby with these piquant “additions” ahead of schedule, which are recommended by doctors, is not worth it. And even when the child grows up, you need to season his dishes with spices very carefully, a little bit, in order to only slightly “shade” or emphasize the taste. And very hot or bitter spices (curry, chili, cayenne pepper, horseradish, mustard) in the baby’s menu should not appear at all until school.

What spices are suitable for the little ones?

  • Sweet and white pepper, bay leaf – from 9 months;
  • basil, cumin, thyme, coriander, marjoram, rosemary, allspice – from 10 months;
  • black pepper – only after 1 year.

Each of the spices has its own “favorite” products. In what dishes for the baby it is better to add them?

  • Black and white peppers – in meat, fish and vegetables.
  • Yamayan pepper (allspice) – to meat.
  • Marjoram is good in soups, sauces, salads, meat dishes, especially beef; goes perfectly with garlic.
  • Rosemary is suitable for vegetables and meat, soups, fish, baked vegetables, potatoes; can replace bay leaf.
  • Cloves are combined with both meat and sweets.
  • Thyme is used in any dishes, but especially from meat, poultry, cheeses.
  • Cumin will add flavor to pastries and desserts.

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