Stunned! How can a mother cat eat her own child?

Cats are cute little animals with soft velvet, but they’re elusive. Someone was surprised to find that the cat had eaten the baby? Doesn’t that mean tigers don’t eat? Why do female cats eat their children so viciously? That’s amazing, too!

Analyze the cause

stunned! how can a mother cat eat her own child?

1. Frightened

Earlier, we heard the elderly say that if a mother cat was milking a child and was seen by a tiger, it would eat its own child.

Although it is the old man’s rumor, can not say completely wrong. In fact, not only the people who belong to the tiger, the living people see, the mother cat will also be frightened. In the breeding process, child care is done by the mother cat alone, this time is extremely sensitive, if the mother cat is frightened will eat its own children.

The mother cat believes that if the environment is not suitable for continuing to raise children, then it will eat, waiting for the next birth.

2. Human touch

stunned! how can a mother cat eat her own child?

Curious about newborn kittens, many pet owners pick up kittens to watch after they are born, a process in which kittens get a human touch. The mother cat while breastfeeding is very careful, for safety reasons, the cat mother will change to a safe environment, if still can not lift the cat mother’s doubts about the smell, he will eat the kitten.

But in practice, it is also related to the owner’s intimacy with the cat. When a female cat is feeding a kitten, the female cat may not be able to take adequate care of the kitten because of inexperience, which is when the owner has to take care of it. There may even be cases where cats are produced and must be accompanied by their owners. But don’t touch the cat by strangers. Cats recognize their babies by smell, and if they don’t taste right, they ‘don’t’ have their own.

3. Merit-based cultivation

Some cats have relatively strong fertility, there will be a lot of babies at once, but for physical reasons, can not guarantee that every kitten can survive. In the survival of the fittest considerations, cat mothers will choose relatively weak kittens to eat, one is used to supplement nutrition, the other can also reduce the number of feeding.

stunned! how can a mother cat eat her own child?

4. Premature birth

There are many reasons why female cats are born prematurely: poor health, shocked…

There is only one outcome of premature birth, and that is that the fetus is not easy to survive. Therefore, the mother cat thinks that the child does not have to work hard to raise, in order to save physical strength, will eat the fetus, ready for the next birth.

stunned! how can a mother cat eat her own child?

Of course, the mother cat eats the cubs mostly wild cats. This is rarely the case in environmentally safe, well-flooded households. But we should also be careful not to be disturbed if we encounter a female cat with a cub. There are lactating cats at home, also try to avoid feasting guests in this period oh!

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