The 15 Best Animal Smiles You’ll See Today

Have you had a particularly trying day? Don’t even think about it. These cheerful faces will brighten even the darkest of days with a smile! Thank you very much.

  1. This guy cracks himself up.

2. His jokes are really funny!

3. Toothbrushes make us say cheese too!

4. You’ve got to be smiling by now.

5. Mary never said her lamb was THIS adorable.

6. These cool camels still make time to smile.

7. “That tickles!”

8. Goat smiles are simply the best.

9. Whether a smile or a sneeze this is absolutely adorable.

10. He’s drunk. We love it.

11. This cat’s grin is absolutely perfect.

12. “I woke up this happy.”

13. Smile, there’s enough catnip to go around.

14. Well that’s just precious.

15. Hereditary happiness for the win.

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