The cat can’t pee but often drinks water

Normally, cats often drink water but urine will be more frequent, but cats drink water every day but do not urinate, this situation is not normal, it is likely that its body has been affected by some adverse factors, the owner must pay attention to observe and find out the reasons for its urination, only to find out why can take appropriate measures to deal with, to help cats return to normal urination.

1, The mood is not good

Cats in a bad mood depressed will choose to pee not to go to the toilet, resulting in not urinating. For this situation, the owner needs to take more cats out to play, increase interaction, every day to take cats out to walk the cat, so that can open its interest in the outside world, slowly the mood will become better, urination will be very conscious.

2, Food problems

In addition to a bad mood, food unreasonably over-oiled and salty urination will bring adverse effects, such food will bring a greater burden to the kidneys, long-term consumption may have difficulty urinating or urination and other conditions. Therefore, the daily diet should be kept light, choose cat food should pay attention to the composition table, prepare enough clean drinking water every day, and after giving it water to use a wet cotton swab to wipe its urination organs, stimulate the urinary tract to let it slowly produce urine.

3, Urinary problems

If after the above two points, the cat is still not urinary, good mental state, it is possible that the cat urinary tract problems, urinary tract problems will cause urinary tract infections, urethra blockages, and other conditions, so when found that cats do not urinary can feed urinary powder, help ease the pain of cat urinary urination. If it is serious, take the cat to the pet hospital to see a doctor for treatment. Later you can feed some urinary powder to further anti-inflammatory urinary tract.

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