The cat is too dark to blend incognito with the background!

now we all like to use very philosophical words to describe the black cat:

As you gaze into the abyss, the abyss stares at you.

I’ve seen a lot of black cats directly, but black cats that are so pure and their eyes are so round and bright are rare, but Munji is definitely number one.

The owner said Munji especially likes to look around the house, find a place to hide on the special pleasure, a nest of it does not squeak.

And it is more difficult than the average cat to be found, the specific reason we can also see right: because it is black hair, really can achieve with the background into one, the perfect incognito effect!

So the family often jumps in the “nowhere to find it” and “when it’s looking for it and it’s scared.”

Munji’s favorite, for example, is one of his own ovals felt cat nests, which would have been dark inside, and which he likes to move into. The owner is often outside shouting for a long time it did not move, anyway, as long as it does not open its eyes, do not know it is her cat!

And even if it opens its eyes, it can only see two bright, rounded eyes in the dark, it is really the abyss.

Later the owner of this classic cat’s nest abyss photo was sent to the Internet, everyone’s reaction is to feel super cute! Because Munji is so dark that there is no place for a little baldness or whiteness, and in a place of light it is really too dark to see.

Yes, who can resist an abyss?

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