The contradiction between man and animal is irreconcilable? Uganda chimps kill young children, but chimps are addicted to meat

Recently, once burst into flames all the way northwards, Yunnan wild elephant herds finally began to return south, embarking on the road home, the current elephant herd has been to Yuanjiang, from the original habitat has been close at hand.

Scientists are divided on why wild elephant herds move northwards, and many people have come up with their own guesses, but most people generally believe that one of the most important reasons is that human elephants are irreconcilable, humans and elephant herds are highly coincident in the area of activity, and the last resort is to choose to move north.

Not only do elephants and humans have irreconcilable contradictions, but even human close relatives chimpanzees also in order to compete with humans for territory, but also with human conflict.

Chimpanzees need habitat, and humans need more farmland to survive, and chimps opt for more aggressive and frenzied retaliation.

Scientists have found that of the species that have been discovered so far, only humans, chimpanzees, and ants can wage war autonomously, and how can chimps retaliate against humans?

Chimpanzee revenge

Few understand that the rivalry between some chimpanzees and humans in eastern Uganda has never stopped, and has even evolved from daily harassment to daring acts of snatching young children.

Seven years ago in July, a Ugandan woman named Semata was working at home with several children, distracted from her three children while cooking, and when she first turned to pick up food, a male chimp suddenly came in and took her youngest child, Mujuni.

Semata hurriedly turned to chase out, but the chimp had already dragged the child away, she immediately shouted for help, the village immediately followed her voice to catch up, the chimp is grumpy, strong, people have not been catching up with it.

When chimps leave their children behind, they find that they have stopped breathing.

This is not the first time chimps have attacked young children, with three young children killed and six seriously injured in a chimp attack in this small Ugandan mountain village in a few years.

Scientists believe that because the locals are extremely poor and lack fertile arable land, the locals are cutting down forests to expand the area of arable land, resulting in the chimpanzee habitat area is getting smaller and smaller, chimpanzees and human living areas are highly coincident, the two contradictions are increasingly intensified.

Individual human-hating chimpanzees only attack human toddlers

Chimpanzees and humans have a genetic similarity of up to 99.4%, they and bonobos, gorillas are close relatives of human primates, the current population of chimpanzees is very rare, there are more than 200,000 chimpanzees around the world.

An adult male chimp can weigh about 130 pounds, and they are much more powerful than humans, so dragging a human toddler is easy for a chimp.

Chimpanzees have very high IQs, and individual chimps, though hated by humans, rarely attack adults, only smaller human toddlers.

A meat-loving chimp

Don’t think chimps are vegetarian animals, chimps are very similar to human food, their staple food is indeed a variety of fruit plants and so on, but their favorite food is meat.

The scientists observed that chimpanzees would work with the hunt for red-green warthogs, all of which belonged to primates, but chimps would not show mercy at all, compared to adult red-green warthogs, chimps preferred young red-green warthogs without closed doors.

So imagine if chimpanzees catch human toddlers, the consequences are predictable.

The conflict between man and chimpanzee intensified

People in some villages in Uganda naturally do not let go of human-hating chimpanzees, and although local chimps are protected animals and have a tradition of protecting chimpanzees in many villages, no one can stand chimpanzees killing human toddlers, and locals have hunted and killed several chimpanzees who attack humans.

The conflict between humans and chimps has occasionally intensified, and while the Uganda Wildlife Authority is aware of the seriousness of the problem, there is no way for them to control the local population as much as possible in protected areas from encroaching on too much forest and protecting chimpanzees from having adequate habitat.

Chimpanzees have difficulty integrating into other ethnic groups

Both humans and chimpanzees want more room to live, especially after Uganda officially privatized land 13 years ago and it became the private property of locals, so people could cut down forests and grow crops on their land.

Chimpanzees, on the other hand, live a difficult day by day, but there are other forests not far away, but local chimps have no way to integrate into other forests. Local chimps are likely to face the scourge of killing them if they rush into the territory of other chimpanzees.

How to solve the contradiction between man and chimpanzee

Not only chimpanzees, but there are many animals in Africa because of the problem of living space and human conflict, so how to solve it? I think it is possible to set up a separate protected area to grow a lot of trees and animals like food, to encourage local people to plant trees.

Finally, moving animals to protected areas can effectively alleviate the conflict between humans and animals. Now, local chimps are grumpy, and local authorities are asking humans to avoid chimpanzees as much as possible to reduce their chances of attacking humans.

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