The Enchanting Blue-Eyed Horse Is In A Field Of Lupines In Moscow

The horse is enchanting and unique at the same time, with a dash of grandeur. It has a smooth cream hue with a white mane and tail, making it appear like a Disney horse.

This unusual horse also has blue eyes and pink skin, adding to its distinct storybook charm. Horses are any horse breed that has had a genetic mutation from the dam and sire (mum and dad). The horse has a cream hue with no markings and a white mane and tail, giving it an unusual and magnificent look.

Blue eyes and pink skin are also physical traits of horses. They almost look like they galloped right out of a fairytale, don’t they?

This Horse is actually just a color and can be found in any breed. The color results from the color genetics of the dam and sire. Because of their look, many people mistake this horse for an albino horse. Albino horses are born white and have no pigment, as seen by their blue eyes, light coats, and pink nostrils.

Horses are science in and of themselves. The cause for their unusual hue is intriguing, and the consequence of their genetics is a magnificent horse with beautiful blue eyes. Now that you know where a horse originates from, the next time you hear someone refer to a horse as an albino, you’ll be armed with the knowledge you need to halt them in their tracks.

Source: JNews

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