The story of “Lampo”, the dog that traveled by train daily to visit its owners

“They are man’s best friend”, says that phrase that highlights the fidelity of dogs as a way of thanking their owners for all the affection shown. A clear example was starred by a puppy that grabbed the attention of the press more than 70 years ago when black and white television trumpeted.

We refer to “Lampo”, a furry light-coated furry who lived at the Campiglia Marittima train station, located in Tuscany, Italy, and taking advantage of his small stature to go unnoticed and enter the wagons to enjoy the ride.

The antics of the animal were seen by Elvio Barlettani, a worker dedicated to the sale of tickets, who observed the situation and sought a solution to calm the matter in order to avoid problems with his bosses but was surprised in his office by the dog starting a great friendship.

It was since then that both became inseparable and received the nickname of “traveling dog” to, later, assume the role of a companion of the little daughter of Elvio who studied in the city of Piombino.

The best company in the world

According to close sources, “Lampo’s” trips were not always first class because there were several opportunities that he was put into a convoy of merchandise during the journey to Naples, but that he managed to return to the home where his family was without any inconvenience.

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The feat of the animal had been highlighted by the rest of the officials of the service to designate the furry as the mascot of the place after living for more than 8 years in the train station of Campiglia Marittima before dying in 1961 by a traffic accident.

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