The strongest on the surface! Spotted dog angry 18 cubs broke the world record

The chemical reaction produced by the release of the second child + the year of the golden pig is that there are many more pregnant women this year! looking at the big belly, I can’t help but sigh at the wonder of life. what a blessing in life, the inheritance of life can be blessed to witness one or two. however, the cultivation and conception of children is really a major issue at present, and it is worth our deep consideration.

However, in the animal world, everything is much simpler, and in foreign countries, there is a spotted dog Miley who is very lucky to harvest 18 baby dogs! Break the record for the number of local spotted dogs giving birth.

Things happened in Australia, during the pregnancy Process Miley and ordinary pregnant dogs the same, there is no abnormal performance, the doctor looked at the B ultrasound map during the physical examination only said that there are three dog babies, when the birth of such a dog baby owner is also very surprised, but also very worried about Miley’s physical health.

Miley gave birth in May, and because there are so many babies, it took 13 and a half hours from 7 a.m. to toss and turn, which is a heroic mother. Miley successfully gave birth to 18 baby dogs, of which 10 were puppies 8 were just small males, and all survived and were very healthy.

The host called in family friends and took good care of it all the time! So many spotted dogs, minute by minute forced to die the rhythm of obsessive-compulsive disorder, but the little soft one really cute everyone’s heart. Miley gave birth to so many dogs that breastfeeding wasn’t enough, so they would work with the vet and take turns artificially feeding the puppies every few hours. Although it is hard, I am not tired of watching the cute appearance of these little guys.

The largest number of spotted dogs in history is 18, and this time Miley is equivalent to leveling the world record, breaking the Australian record.

Leading so many dogs for a walk at once should also be real pulling wind…

However, with so many dogs and babies, the future of the shoveler should be very unwinding. However, the owner said that if he met the right adopters, he was willing to send them all up. But the adopter is required to be kind to the baby dog, and he will always keep in touch with the adopter. If there is no suitable person, even if you work hard, you are willing to continue to raise them!

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