The top five most popular pet dogs, do you like them?

Believe that everyone has their own favorite and wants to care for small animals, as a pet, you must say a few popular pet dogs.

  1. Little Teddy Teddy small body, lively and agile; a representative small curly hair, full of noble atmosphere, of course, this body noble hair also needs to be regularly taken care of, do a shape and so on, so that they can keep cute, so it is loved by girls, girls like cute puppies, such as Teddy this kind of puppy, also good control, but also by the ladies like.

2. Sheepdogs

Usually with white skin between the blacks are the most common, mild nature, do not bark, also rarely lose their temper, even if angry will not yell, very loyal to the owner; high IQ, human nature, easier to understand human passwords and gestures, all kinds of characteristics, have become the reason for people to like it, as pets to keep;

3. Koki dog

Pure noble blood, the biggest feature is short legs, walk up a twist, more likable, very cute, presumably, a short leg two words, your mind will appear such a twisted walking back Shadow bar, is also popular with people one of the reasons, bad temper, but I believe that under the careful care of the owner will also be a docile dog, and they are very budding, just walking posture can attract a big wave of powder, many people also like to keep as pets.

black and white short coated dog

4. Akita dog

Akita dog loyalty we all know, because film fame, but also is a true story adaptation, its loyalty can be learned autumn, let people heartache, their nature meek, close to people, IQ high body shape of them, good at protecting human beings, but also let people like the existence.

5. Bomei dog

Bomei body small appearance cute, big-eyed bud dog, although small but also very fierce, a kind of existence of pride, quick action, hair is very beautiful, many people because of its good-looking appearance like it, is a very beautiful dog, weight is only six or seven pounds, pick up effortlessly, more people also like it.

black dog wearing blue denim collar

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