There’s a sense of elf, a hairless cat

Our dogs and cats are hairy, feel warm, and especially good, but there is a cat without hair, that is a hairless cat. Don’t look at it looks uglier, in fact, it is also very cute, no hair cat feels better!

But you can imagine what it would be like when a hairless cat got its hair and got dressed! There is such a netizen, the family has a hairless cat, netizens intend to give it a dress up, is to buy a very small wig and a flower dress! When the clothes are put on it, there is an instant little girl’s both look! Why did I think of the heroine of avatar? It’s a mold!

Do not know also thought that the family has an elf, especially from the cat’s back, but also like a child-like a fine! Good day, if you see the cat running around at night, I really doubt I have entered the world of elves! The timid may also be scared! cat: love me are you afraid? Am I beautiful in the sky? Then why don’t you suck me up!

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