These 20+ Beautiful Shots Of Birds In Virginia Are Majestic

Virginia has more than 400 bird species, according to the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries. Virginia is home to every naturally occurring species on the East Coast, from the seashore to the highlands. Previously scarce or vulnerable species such as eagles and osprey have made a considerable comeback in Virginia because to the tireless work of conservation groups.

The following images were created with the help of talented photographers from across the state. Even if you are not a “birdwatcher” by definition, thanks to them, you can enjoy the beauty of Virginia’s birds for a few seconds. Take in the scenery!

  1. Winter Cardinal

2. Papa Osprey Bringing Home Dinner On The Potomac River

3. Female Hooded Merganser In Hybla Valley

4. American Goldfinch

5. Black-Throated Green Warbler At Natural Chimneys Regional Park, Mt Solon

6. Spring Cardinal…truly the bird for all seasons

7.  A Male Downy Woodpecker Trying For A Snack

8. Great Horned Owl Looking None Too Pleased

9. A Family Of Hooded Mergansers – I guess they will grow into their “hair”

10. Mama Osprey And Her Chicks At Belle Haven

11.  Prothonotary Warbler At The Great Dismal Swamp National Wildlife Refuge

12. Red-Bellied Woodpecker At The Feeder In Arlington

13. This Scarlet Tanager Looks Like He Was Painted Into The Scene

14. Seagull At Virginia Beach… sometimes the light works magic

15. And Sometimes It’s The Water…

16. A Virginia Rail Camouflaged In The Marsh At Great Meadows National Wildlife Refuge

17. Wilson’s Snipe In Groveton

18. A Yellow-Crowned Night Heron

19. Swainson’s Warbler At The Great Dismal Swamp National Wildlife Refuge

20. Male Red-Winged Blackbird Giving A Shout Out

21. Mighty Eagle At The Virginia Living Museum In Hampton

22. Greylag Goose At Byrd Park In Richmond

23. A Cooper’s Hawk With His Lunch

24. An Eagle On His Perch At Deep River Basin, Richmond

25. A Great Blue Heron Looks Out From His Perch

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