These Heartwarming Photos of Dogs Hugging Their Humans Will Make You Want to Smoosh Your Pup!

After a long day, nothing beats returning home to a happy face and a wagging tail. No, we’re not talking about your partner or roommate; we’re talking about your dog (just in case the tail didn’t give it away)! If you’ve ever had the pleasure of caring for a dog, you know how wonderful it can be. When you’re down, there’s always someone to cheer you up, make you laugh with their goofy antics, and lend a helping hand when it comes to cleaning up spilled goodies.

What would we do if we didn’t have our dogs? Now, we’re not trying to make you reminisce about those gloomy days B.D. (before dog), but suffice it to say that we are considerably happier as a result of our four-legged companions. Why? Our dogs, aside from always being willing to smother us with kisses, are always there to give us a big hug when we need it. Heck, they’re sometimes the ones in need of cuddles, but we’ll accept a big dog hug any time of day!

Check out these photos of classic dog-human hugs in appreciation of our incredible love for our pets.

  1. “Welcome home human, I’m so glad the Big Bad Wolf didn’t get you while you were out!”

2. “Are you sure they’re teaching you things at college, your head feels smaller. You better just stay home.”

3. “He might be hiding now, but I SWEAR there was a spider the size of a rat in the kitchen!”

4. “Don’t cry little human, I promise that Elsa and Ana make up in the end.”

5. We’ve discovered the key to peaceful international negotiations … puppies. Hang in there little guy.

6. “I know how you feel little one, I get sad when mom hides the cookies from me too.”

7. Anyone else hearing the Love Actually Soundtrack playing? No, just us … alright, carry on.

8. Proof your dog will love you even when you’re being weird … like really, really weird.

9. “Hmm, they made this tiny person with the perfect sized chin rest … I think I shall keep her.”

10. “Errrrmegerd! HUG TIME.”

Puppy Love Hugs

11. Ooh … that awkward moment when you go in for a hug, but they jump for a kiss. “We’re going to need to be three treats deep before we can discuss smooching, mister!”

12. “Okay, okay, so you hug the baby … then I’ll hug you both. Ah! Harmony.”

13. “You said you were flying to Australia, so I put on a cape. Hold on tight, let’s go.”

14. Sometimes you just gotta hug until the whole world looks like rainbows and sunshines. It’s okay, we will wait.

15. “Don’t tell mom, but I wrote your teacher a note saying you have to stay home with me from now on.”

Puppy Love Hugs

16. Unexpected hugs are the best kind of hugs. 

17. Snoozing and snuggling are two of dog’s most coveted qualities. When combined … well, just look for yourself!

18. We call this one the Smoosh Sandwich … highly recommended to all.

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