These six “handsome dogs”, boys dream of keeping

1, German Shepherd

German Shepherd, the most common dog among police dogs, handsome and cool enough, and very loyal to the pet owner, for boys, are the dream of the ideal dog, the working ability is still very good, are you sure not to keep one?

Feeding German pastoral needs to pay attention to is general physique, which usually needs to pet the main multi-belt German pastoral movement, feed some protein-rich food, help to enhance the physique and resistance of German pastoralism.

2, Alaskan dog

Alaskan dogs are handsome and sunny, as children are fat tuk-tuk very cute, and the character is also very friendly, not aggressive, so also very popular with boys.

However, here advised that the Alaskan dog do not often hold it, or embrace the habit, grow up dozens of hundreds of pounds of it want you to hold, that is too miserable, of course, for the strength of the boy may not be a difficult thing.

3, Husch

Husch, it is said that this is the most wolf-like dog, such a high-value dog, in exchange for which boy will like it, but Huschi’s brain circuit is not like other dogs, so you need to get used to Huschi’s amazing action.

Also in the breeding of Huskey to pay attention to, it belongs to the sled dog, so the gastrointestinal is more fragile, it is easy to pull thin vomit, pay more attention to the light diet, can give it some probiotics to condition the gastrointestinal tract, enhance the body’s resistance.

4, Rowena dog

This is the world’s famous guard dog, for boys who like cool things, it is, of course, one of the ideal types of dog, the pet is very trusting, has a strong vigilance, in order to protect the owner, even life can not keep one do not have to worry about danger.

Rowena’s physique is very good, so it’s not as petite as other dogs, so it’s not a problem for big boys to keep, as long as you do regular checks, vaccine deworming, and provide nutritious and healthy dog food.

5, Border Shepherd

Border Shepherd This is a dog with a good appearance and IQ, which is the highest among dogs, and even boys would want to have a smart dog.

Just side shepherd too smart, and you dry, side shepherd will let you feel very headache, breeding side shepherd must pay attention to watch, because it is a sheepdog, like to chase, so often see side shepherd chase car.

6, Golden retriever

Golden dog and side shepherd as high IQ, handsome and sunny, this is recognized in the pet world warm men, can give people a lot of warmth and care, whether boys or girls are very fond of, men, women, and children are suitable.

Golden dog hair loss is more serious, it is recommended to help more golden hair comb hair, remove dead hair, and more sun exposure, help beautiful hair, in addition to paying more attention to diet light, feeding low salt low oil amount of dog food, effectively relieve hair loss.

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