This tree can “grow” out of the panda, a small panda of difficult actions to scare tourists!

Speaking of our national treasure panda in addition to Meng also has the most important point is naughty, whether it is a panda as a child, or grow up rolling, no one can be quiet, not fight is a variety of climbing trees to climb the wall, naughty when really very unconcericted ah, like a child, but bear children so naughty but will be beaten by mom and dad, but our pandas can not, after all, people are a national treasure, so can only let these little guys. No way who calls others is a national treasure, and there are so many people pet, it is simply able to go to heaven, this is not a day this panda climbed to a very thin tree, the small panda seems to be very confident about their weight ah, in the tree The swaying look makes people even worried, but watching the small panda play in the tree is simply germination of the people, ah, the little guy is naughty, no fear of the appearance, hanging on the tree look is also very cute, this is encountered what sad thing.

From this branch can see how thin this tree is, and this small panda is still playing all kinds of movements on it, it is simply called the people below to see the people are to the throat, but this small panda is a kind of love to ignore the look, anyway, today is playing, anyway, no matter how the following milkman’s milk dad called me to ignore, I am small public action is wayward.

This back is particularly like an expression bag there is no, is that very bleak back, and then look at the distant do not know what to think, did not expect a small age heart or quite a lot, should early love it, in love with a mother panda bear, but this look is also germinated netizens ah.

A small panda does not care about the feeling of this tree, swinging around in the tree, it is extremely dangerous, but people are not afraid, not afraid of high, even on top of the fork is good, play in the tree, but milk Dad milk Moms at the bottom but anxious to die. Oh, but this small panda did not reflect on it, not only not down, but also a slight smile on the camera, that looks as if in the said have the skill to get me down. Ah, hip-hop I am strong you can take me how to do it. The behavior of the small panda really makes people cry and laugh ah, look at your lovely part for forgiving you.

Good-looking netizens can see the top right corner of the top black dot is our warrior, under the crowd also watched a lot of tourists, in the face of so many tourists, small pandas are also made out of the whole body number, do their best to show everyone what is called high-altitude flying “bear”, let people really worry.

Little guys, you can play less difficult and dangerous activities in the future, it’s really a million people to follow you worry

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