What are the symptoms of sea otter rabbit long earworms?

Rabbits if there is a problem of earworms, is always appear scratching head, scratching ears, ears to one side of the situation, pet mainly observe the symptoms of rabbits, and timely take appropriate measures to help rabbits to solve, so as not to aggravate the situation harm the health of rabbit ears.

1, Do a good job of health

Earworms are actually a parasite that can be found in rabbit ears as well as in other pets and is contagious. Therefore, the main pet will be suffering from earworm rabbits separate isolation, separately put into a rabbit cage rearing, and then pay attention to the timely use of disinfection water to do a good job of sanitation cleaning, the rabbit used items on-time cleaning and replacement. If the outside sun is good outside, take out all the good things to sun sterilization.

2, Clean the ear in a timely manner

Earworms are parasitic deep in the ear, more stubborn, and difficult to clean, so rabbits in the long earworm period need pet owners to need to help rabbits clean their ears every day. First fix the rabbit’s body, with cotton swabs to take some vegetable oil coated in the knots, earwax, and then you can point the ear drop into the rabbit green into, with a gentle pinch of the rabbit’s ears, so that the ear depth to get a better cleaning, after a minute you can use a clean paper towel to wipe the ears clean. Rabbits appear when the ear mole, is very itchy, often scratching the ears, eyes, and other sensitive and vulnerable areas. Therefore, during the ear mole, the main rabbit wears an Elizabethan sleeve, to avoid the rabbit continue to scratch themselves.

3, Pay attention to supplement nutrition

In addition to sticking to the daily cleaning care, usually pay more attention to the rabbit’s diet, appropriate to help it supplement nutrition. In addition to feeding rabbit food, you can also give some nutrient-rich grasses and the right amount of fresh fruits and vegetables, such as weeds, hay, ryegrass, carrots, kale leaves, etc., to help it supplement nutrition, conducive to the recovery of the body.

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