What Can We Learn From Cats?

In the owner-pet connection, cats have traditionally acted as the superior and more knowledgeable creature. It’s possible there’s something to it. Here are the eight teachings they’ve been attempting to instill in us!

  1. Expect respect.
    Cats don’t have any issues with their self-esteem. Cats are majestic creatures who understand this and demand to be treated as such. Cats will not tolerate mistreatment, whether it comes from the dog roughhousing them, you mistakenly patting them, or that bird teasing them through the window. No, a cat flees from people and situations that are disrespectful. (Or, in the case of the bird, plots their doom slowly.) So, in that scenario, stay away from cat behavior modeling.

2. Take care of yourself.
Cats are magnificent creatures in part because they spend up to half of their time grooming. You must respect yourself before you can expect others to respect you. Taking care of yourself includes adequate hygiene, food, exercise, medical attention, and grooming. Even though you’ll never look as good as this cat, there’s no reason not to try!

3. Choose alone time.
On the other hand, sometimes having your own business is all you need. Cats, unlike many of us humans, are able to enjoy the luxury of isolation. They seek you out when they want to, but they’re often “purrfectly” satisfied (yes, I said it) to enjoy life on their own.

4. Rest.
In a society where productivity is king, cats defy the norm by sleeping for 16 to 20 hours a day. They can sleep in a variety of places, including boxes, on top of doors, in drawers, and, of course, on your clean laundry. Cats can sleep in any situation, which is a lesson we might all benefit from in this world of stress and troubles.

5. Never stop chasing your dreams.
Cats are strong-willed creatures. They have the guts to persevere in the face of adversity and failure, whether it’s in search of a full food bowl or an elusive red dot. They’re capable of begging for more food ceaselessly, whether with loud cries or manipulative snuggling, and their bowl slowly but steadily fills. And no matter how many times the cursed red spot eludes them, they seem to return to the hunt, optimistic of triumph.

6. Make some mischief.
Cats don’t follow the rules of others. “Is the hole too small? I think I’ll fit in. Is it possible to go too far? I think I’ll be able to pull it off.” It’s sometimes necessary to change things up in a world full of rules, expectations, and standards.

7. Choose companionship.
It’s not always necessary to be physically close. Cats enjoy curling up next to you or near you. They don’t require stimulating discussion, active play, or a belly rub. They can simply bask in the warmth of your presence.

8. Soak in life, one sunbeam at a time.
Cats know how to relax and enjoy the simple joys of life. They’ll lie for hours in a sunbeam, napping and soaking up the heat. They’ll be enthralled with the birds and look out the window for hours. And when they’re happy, they let everyone around them know with that calming rumble, the purr, a sound that sweeps everyone into their mellow mood.

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