What makes a thoroughbred doll cat over a million? It’s so expensive

Human beings also belong to a creature on earth, nothing but it is language and thinking, human beings can not escape, the natural environment evolution process.

In recent years, the new coronavirus has claimed many lives, if not stopped in time, it can be said that mankind may also be heading for extinction.

Although there are many different reasons for the eventual extinction of all kinds of life on Earth, there is a common “sickness” of life on Earth before they go extinct.

“Specialization” before the extinction of living things

After continuous research and observation, many species were previously a disease, in this pathological trend, and eventually towards extinction.

This disease, known as “specialization”, is a highly evolved normal phenomenon, but it also increases the chance of extinction.

This biological specialization refers to the living environment in which organisms are constantly changing, forming a state of survival adapted to a particular environment so that it is difficult for organisms to survive in harsh environments, that is to say, it is difficult to adapt to other environments.

The special reaction of living organisms is usually manifested in phenomena such as excessive volume, low reproduction rate, single food, and particularly slow development.

Careful people can pay attention to the living creatures living on earth today, some of this characteristic is very obvious, such as polar bears, we all know that polar bears do not often like cold temperatures, in the extremely cold environment, it can protect against the cold, it has adapted to this living environment, but now the earth is gradually warming, serious challenges polar bears adapt to the environment, the number of polar bears is now less and less.

Giant pandas are dedicated to bamboo for a living, it is a single food, is the representative of the phenomenon of special animals, more than10 years ago Wenchuan earthquake, so that the earth’s bamboo less and less, resulting in many pandas because of less bamboo, no food to eat, such an environment also let the giant panda on the brink of extinction, the state has always listed pandas as the first-class protection of animals.

Specialization phenomenon, in a good environment, can allow organisms to better develop and grow and reproduce, and in a bad environment, so that organisms are at risk of extinction is also very large.

Conclusion: Now the living conditions of mankind are good, began to pick on food, food has higher requirements, and now human fertility is gradually declining, that is to say, human beings also began to appear special phenomenon, if human beings continue to do so if, at a certain time, the Earth’s environment has changed, human beings will also face extinction, so to a large extent, human beings should lead by example.

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