What Should You Do When Caring For A Pregnant Dog

It’s natural to go into panic mode when you learn your canine partner is expecting. It’s one thing to look after your dog, but what about the puppies? That’s a completely other game. While you should always contact your veterinarian, here are some things to keep in mind when caring for a pregnant dog. Read on to learn about some of the things you should think about, ranging from food and nutrition to exercise.

  1. Vaccinations
    While your pet canine’s immunizations should always be up to date, it’s especially important during or before pregnancy. When ups are born, their mother and her milk will protect them. This, however, will only occur if she is totally protected.

2. Exercise
You can’t possibly be overworking your dog. While they’ll require exercise, once they’ve reached the 30-day mark, you should limit them to shorter walks to prevent exhausting them. Our dogs will usually let us know when they’re tired of walking or if they don’t want to go for a walk at all. Pay attention to what they’re saying. After all, mums are the experts!

3. Diet
The puppies begin to grow rapidly on the 42nd day of the pregnancy. You should feed mother puppy food at this point because it’s high in the protein and energy she’ll require. Some veterinarians advise feeding your dog three or four smaller meals each day, as bigger meals might be harder to swallow with pups on board.

4. Worming
From day 40 of their pregnancy until two days after, pregnant dogs must be given a daily wormer, which might be Fenbendazole. This is necessary to protect the puppies from contracting worms from their mother after birth.

5. Preparing For Birth
Whelping is a term used to describe the process of giving birth. Make a whelping box for the mother to be in a peaceful area of your house as part of your preparations. Mum and the pups should be able to sleep comfortably in the box, which should be lined with puppy pads, clean blankets, and towels.

6. Welcoming The New Puppies
You must be prepared when the moment comes. Puppies that have just been born require a warm environment with plenty of comforts. When your dog is in labor, you can usually tell because they get restless and pant. It’s usual for each puppy to be born to take between 20 and 60 minutes during labor.

7. Knowing When It’s Time To Call The Vet
You should have the information on hand for a vet in case you need it during birth. Pick up the phone if there has been more than an hour between puppies or if there are less puppies than you thought. Remember that your dog is going through a lot throughout pregnancy and childbirth. Keep cool, be prepared, and make sure they’re as relaxed as possible.

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