What to do if the cat doesn’t eat

Cats are usually mouthfuls, what the owner feeds what to eat, some even look at the owner to eat, they also want to eat, so for cats do not eat the problem, the owner should pay attention to, do not let cats develop bad habits. Because cats are in the process of growing up are they need certain nutrients, do not eat then there is no source of nutrition, which is not possible. Owners can try some of the following ways to see if they can help the cat.

1, Rich cat diet structure

When the cat does not eat when the owner may wish to enrich the cat’s diet to try, because the cat does not eat the reason may be the owner long-term to the cat to eat single cat food, the cat will not like to eat when they are tired of eating. In this regard, the owner can eat some lean meat in the cat food, or can give the cat to eat some millet porridge, mince porridge, some fruits and vegetables, or give the cat to eat some cans, through the rich variety of food to attract the cat.

2, Increase the intestinal beneficial bacteria

Some cats do not eat because the cat’s intestinal digestive function is not good, cat intestines lack some digestive enzymes, beneficial bacteria, cat intestines easy to eat, there is no appetite to eat, the owner may consider giving cats to eat some food powder, to help supplement the intestinal beneficial bacteria and digestive enzymes, better digestion, and absorption of food. In the future, we should pay attention to the reasonable cat diet, the owner should develop the habit of regular quantitative feeding, generally give the cat to eat seven or eight full can.

3, Appropriate to play with the cat

Cats do not eat and exercise is also a certain relationship, if the cat long-term full to sleep, wake up and continue to eat, it is easy to lead to the cat not digested when the cat does not eat when the owner accompanies the cat appropriate exercise, with toys to lure it, increase body consumption, so that the cat hungry fast, appetite naturally up, proper exercise also helps the cat health. At the same time, also reduce the feeding of cat snacks, cats eat too much will cause picky food.

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