What to do if the cat’s paws are injured

Cats lively and active, like to run around the home, if the home has relatively sharp items, cats are likely to be scratched or cut in the play process, in short, no matter how injured, after the discovery of the first time to deal with cats, so as not to cause infection and other issues. Here’s a look at sharing some personal experiences and understanding how to do it, and you won’t be overwhelmed in the future.

1, Clean the wound

Before treating the cat, the owner needs to put an Elizabethan sleeve on the cat to avoid treating the cut on the paws, and the cat bites the owner in pain. Cat’s paws directly touch the floor, is relatively dirty, the owner needs to use physiological salt water to help the cat to wash the paws clean, and then clean the wound, the dirt washed off. Then use clean cotton with iodine to disinfect the cat’s wound to avoid infection.

2, Care for the wound

After the owner cleans the cat and disinfects the wound, he can sprinkle some anti-inflammatory powder on the wound, to completely cover the wound, because the cat needs to move around, and occasionally scratch itself with its paws, preferably wrapped around. Apply skimmed cotton to the wound, wrap the wound with gauze, and prevent infection and inflammation of the wound from touching the dirt. After that, the owner will observe the cat’s wound every day, if there is pus or oozing, to open the bag, re-treat the wound, to keep the wound clean and dry.

3, Supplement nutrition

Cat injury, physical weakness, at this time the owner needs to let the cat rest, let it sleep more, do not carry out the strenuous exercise, and need the appropriate amount of nutrition to the cat, good health, wounds can be better faster. Owners can use pork, chicken, eggs, carrots, and other food for the cat to make a nutritious meal, occasionally to the cat stew bone soup, chicken soup, and so on, if you want to be more convenient, you can also directly buy milk cakes, milk powder, nutrition cream to the cat to eat.

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