Why do dogs like to eat old lime on the wall

Dogs like to eat lime on the wall, which is likely to be caused by the lack of a trace element in the dog’s body, the dog’s stomach fluid is very strong, occasionally gnawing on the wall skin is fine, but long-term gnawing may cause problems in the dog’s body, so the owner should take timely measures to help the dog correct:

1, Harshly reprimanded

When the owner saw the dog gnawing on the wall skin, he chastised it, let the dog know that gnawing the wall skin is not the right behavior. For some disobedient dogs, pet owners can properly punish it, so that dogs will be remembered, next time will not gnaw the wall skin to make pet owners angry, the owner can also give the dog to prepare some grinding sticks, so that the dog’s energy on grinding teeth, will not want to gnaw the wall skin.

2, Adjust the diet

Usually, pet owners to the dog prepared food are too single words, the body lack of a certain amount of nutrition, dog taste, and smell has changed, easy to eat, for this situation, the owner should properly adjust the dog’s diet structure, feed more nutrients more abundant food, feed when adding some trace elements, can let the dog reduce the occurrence of this symptom, and feed some fresh fruits and vegetables, so that the dog’s nutrition is supplemented, slowly will not gnaw the wall.

3, More accompany the caring dog

In daily life, pet owners should also accompany more concerned dogs, have time, can take more dogs out for a walk, and to prepare enough food for dogs, otherwise the dog hungry will also gnaw the wall skin, want to bite a wall skin to eat, economic conditions of pet owners, can buy a self-help feeder, teach dogs to use, so pet owners do not have to worry about dogs will be hungry, continue to make the move to gnaw the wall skin.

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