Why do dogs secretly leave their owners before they die, and die silently?

The most let people feel sad is to leave, separation is always difficult to give up. Not only will the feelings between people be so inseparable, but dogs will also bid farewell to their owners in a way that belongs to them. Sometimes it seems that the owner didn’t notice, and the dog quietly left the owner. It is true that we often say waving sleeves away from the world, quietly come and go quietly. But in fact, pet dogs in preparation and owner separate will also use some special way to say goodbye to the owner. It seems that owners have paid little attention to, what specific actions or behaviors indicate that the pet and the owner say goodbye?

The most unusual response is that dogs will occasionally find a place to dig pits, as long as there is soil, pet dogs will run over to play a few holes, elders should know that in fact, if they know that they are about to leave, will take the initiative to dig pits, may be for the death of their own pits! It’s about having a home after being separated from the owner.

In particular, some stray dogs will always take the initiative to dig pits, one is to prevent themselves from being caught at risk of arrest and killing, and the other is to let themselves have a safe haven. The lords look at it with some sadness, but sometimes the laws of nature cannot be reversed. As long as there is the idea of digging a pit, or the behavior of the owner people should think more.

Second, dogs slowly become physically ill over a period of time, slow to react, and eat much less, almost every meal does not eat much. Even more surprising to the owner is that their favorite dog food is not moved. There is no appetite, let alone desire to eat, in front of what you like to eat. Then this time may not be far from the separation!

If a pet dog accidentally suffers from an incurable disease, the body will become uncontrollable, always want to do something but the body movements can not keep up, this is not only slow to react, it is more likely that some of the symptoms caused by tremors or convulsions, there may be a way to say goodbye to the owner. When the family pet dog is getting older, it will become increasingly lazy and unwilling to move, always feeling soft and powerless. The mood is always very heavy and depressed, this time the pet dog’s eyes watery, but also a sad farewell sign!

Some dogs will become unusually sticky when they are about to part, perhaps in a short period of time to be more close to their owners! But there are also some dogs more alternative, this period of time actually began to slowly avoid the owner, perhaps do not want to let the owner see their own wolf is about to leave the world look! sometimes serious, even secretly hide, let the owner around crazy can not find, there are these acts owners must not be careless, pet dogs are not really so cruel to leave the owner, but in order to let the owner and themselves when parting is not so painful!

A dog with a sense of meaning must not bear to break people’s hearts. as pet owners, these more obvious small details should pay more attention to, if the dog really appeared above symptoms or behavior then the owner please cherish it!

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