Why do two cats meet and yell?

Cats are very lively and lovely animals, some are more sticky people mild, some are relatively cold and irritable, in short, have their tempers. So, if you see two cats yelling at each other as soon as they meet, why?

When two cats first meet, they yell, usually for three reasons:

First, the cat in the demonstration to the other side, yelling warning;

Second, the roaring cat in order to express dissatisfaction with the other cat.

The owner can separate the two cats and avoid fighting them.

First of all, we all know that cats are very independent animals. male cats, in particular, have a strong sense of territory. If you find your cat yelling at another cat, it’s likely to be demonstrating against the other person, warning that it’s not allowed to enter its own land.

Second, if a cat, in addition to making a low roar, bows its back and grins its teeth, it is likely to mean that it does not like another cat, or even hate it. Well, it’s best for the poop officers to separate them in time to avoid fighting them.

Finally, whatever the reason for the cat’s low roar. We all have to stop it in time and find a way to calm the roaring cat right away. Helps divert attention and relax. This will facilitate the next contact.

In short, cats are actually very friendly, officers to find a way to let them slowly adapt, it will not be so.

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