Why is a fox afraid of cats? In fact, the reason is very simple

Fox is a sensitive and cunning animal, but it is too timid and sensitive, a little wind and grass on the fear, then the cat, in action with the fox is actually comparable, even in technical and tactical combat skills also you fox more powerful, then the fox is really afraid of cats?

Fox is actually a food quantity of upper-level animals, the reason for its fear of cats, are derived from the fox timid sensitive nature, in addition to nature’s natural enemies, foxes will be afraid of larger animals than it, ordinary fox size and cat similar, although in the bite force and strength, cats do not have the advantage, the cat’s movements agile, good at climbing and jumping, foxes to deal with it is still a bit hard.

First of all, the breed distribution of foxes has a lot, the longest said fox is a red fox, the general weight between 3 kg to 14 kg, in fact, slightly larger than the cat, in the strength of the competition, if the fox can overcome the timidity of the psychology, probably the cat can not occupy any advantage.

Secondly, in the hunting record, there is actually a record of fox hunting cats, because foxes are after all the upper layers of the food chain species, but most of the time when foxes meet cats, foxes always choose to escape.

Finally, the fox is afraid of the cat, nor does it mean the fighting power, because the fox fighting with the cat knows that it does not take any advantage, so it will choose to give up looking for suitable prey.

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