Why is golden hair so likable? A few advantages are enough to explain what a dog-like warm male model is

Perhaps because people are afraid of loneliness and need to be accompanied, more and more people are joining the ranks of officers because pets can listen unconditionally to their owners’ hearts and bring a lot of joy.

Can keep pets is undoubtedly a road that can not be turned back, choose to be responsible in the end, after all, who can bear the pain of being abandoned? In order to avoid the tragedy caused by the misdesm of favored character, the choice of pet breed is often very important!

If you want a smart, obedient, loyal, and cute big dog that sells, then big warm male golden hair may be your choice! After all, he has too many advantages!

Gentle personality

As one of the three non-aggressive dog breeds, Golden Hair is very docile and can be very smoothly integrated into the family, which is one of the reasons why it can be used as a guide dog and anti-drug dog, and other working dogs.

If there are old people or children at home who need to be accompanied, the trained golden hair is perfectly qualified for this position!

The value of the face is outstanding

Although the golden hair looked at the sloppy, its smile is really very cured, especially the young golden hair, every day at work to look at the family of the little guy’s smile, the pressure of a day can be dispelled a lot, can be called a mental battery.

Coupled with beautiful golden hair, strong and well-balanced body, running will not gaffe pace, it is very difficult not to like it.

High IQ

Golden hair IQ in many dogs ranked fourth, about equal to 7 years old children, training is very convenient, with it some greedy little boy, give it a snack can learn faster!

Some dog trainers even teach Golden Hair simple chores, such as helping with things, opening doors, and turning off lights. With such a small helper, life will be comfortable a lot.

Very obedient

Golden hair is very good obedience, the basic owner says what it does, and rarely like other high-intelligence dogs have their own ideas (guys can guess which kind of oh).

So with golden hair set the rules of the home, the future life will be very careless!

Good feeding

Golden hair as a big dog, the amount of food is also very large, but it is not picky at all, give what to eat, but also can eat clean and dry! It’s basically rare to see thin golden hair.

But for the sake of the dog’s body, also pay attention to whether the feeding nutrients are sufficient, can not be fed too salty.

Be understanding

Most golden hair can feel the joy and sorrow of the master, happy time to play mad with you, sad time will be around you, give you the physical and mental double warmth.

There is such a dog, may not have the feeling of lack of love in the future!

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