Why shouldn’t home cats go out on the street?

Many times, cats are treated like small dogs. It is believed that, like dogs, they have the “need” to walk. For a long time, there has also been the belief that felines are independent, and therefore, unlike dogs, they can go for a walk alone because they “always come back”.

However, this belief is false. On the contrary, letting your kitten walk freely outside the home is more of a danger than a necessity for him. Cats are independent for certain things, such as they can eat or drink water whenever they want, they know how to do their needs in a sandbox without our help, but it doesn’t mean they don’t need us to take care of them in other respects.

They need us to make sure of their well-being, and we can’t do it if we don’t know where they are or what they’re doing on the street. These are some of the reasons why cats should be 100% “indoor” or homemade, and should not have access to the streets in Lima.


The vast majority of cats are usually fearful of loud sounds, even many are afraid of people or other animals unknown to them. In the street sounds, cars, people, and other animals abound. This could scare a kitten a lot, and the reaction they have is always to run away or escape the stressful factor. By doing this they could go far, become disoriented, and eventually get lost without being able to return home.© Provided by Wapa


Cats are routine animals, once they have the habit of going for a walk, they will always want to do it. This means you’ll probably cry and vocalize a lot until you’re allowed to leave. I mean, it’s going to be harder to get him used to be home alone again than just not letting him out in the first place.

The best way to prevent kittens from having access to the street is to place meshes on all windows/balconies/risk points of the house, and so they will stay inside it. This will also prevent falls from high floors that can be fatal.

Bless you

In the street there are other stray animals, a great risk is that your kitten fights with another animal and is injured (which could be fatal). Many of the stray animals are carriers of diseases, especially other stray kittens. Fleas, parasites, feline respiratory complex viruses, and in the worst-case VIF (feline AIDS) or ViLeF (feline leukemia) can be spread, which are autoimmune diseases that have no cure.

Autoimmune means that they attack the immune system, leaving it weaker and susceptible to many health problems. The worst thing is that these diseases drastically decrease the life expectancy of kittens and on top of that they are highly contagious among kittens. This is assuming that your kitten is sterilized (as it should be) since letting an entire catwalk down the street is extremely irresponsible, because they will definitely reproduce, having unwanted litters and contributing to the big feline overpopulation problem.

Other dangers on the street

In an urban city like Lima, the street is full of dangers. There are cars that go at high speeds, and there are a lot of kittens that are victims of accidents. There are also cruel people, who do not like that there are kittens on the street, unfortunately, it is very common for these people to put poison to get rid of cats.

In conclusion, if you love your cat, you want the best for him, you want him to live a long and happy life, it will be best not to let him walk under any circumstances and raise him as a 100% indoor feline.© Provided by Wapa

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