Wildlife Photos Will Show You That Animals Are The Funniest

The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards is a fantastic organization that helps preserve animals every year by hosting a humorous competition. The candid animal photographs in the contests are very amusing. So, if you’re looking for something to take your mind off the stresses of everyday life, here’s something that will undoubtedly make you grin. So, let’s get this party started.

  1. That Day, Egret Wished For Rain

“Hey, birdie, don’t mind if I move.” “All I’m doing is marking my territory.”

This rhino had no idea that an egret was behind him. The rhino defined its area, and the egret got what it wanted. It was, without a doubt, a win-win situation for all parties involved.

2. Joke of The Century

A seal yawning was captured by photographer Lloyd Durham. Isn’t this a no-brainer?

The seal, it appears, was laughing at a double-meaning joke delivered by his companion. We’ll be curious as to what the joke was.

3. ’Freeze!’

This grouchy monkey at Japan’s Jigokudani Monkey Park wasn’t overjoyed to see a crippled human so close to his family.

He just gave the photographer a warning, and his look says don’t mess with him because he’s a Kung Fu black belt.

4. ‘Nice Joke Steve, You’re So Hilarious’

These two zebras were enjoying the fun of their lives. Steve, the zebra on the right, told his pal a little inappropriate joke.

They both had a nice chuckle and exchanged a little gossip. Males, by the way, gossip as well.

5. Learning To Walk Like Humans

These young grizzly bears are well aware that humans are encroaching on the habitats of all other animals on the planet.

They are learning to walk like humans in order to fit in with them. Bears who think a lot.

6. ’Don’t You Mess With Me’

We’re not sure what they were arguing over, but it appears to be a territorial conflict.

The king penguin appeared to be encroaching on the territory of the Antarctic fur seal.

7. ’Ah, Monday Again’

Mondays are one of our least favorite days of the week. It’s no wonder that this brown bear doesn’t find Mondays particularly entertaining.

He was fishing salmons when he suddenly began displaying a funny array of emotions. Mondays, we’re guessing, are a dreaded day for everyone.

8. Let The Tickle Fight Begin

Sea otters are lively creatures who like playing with one another when they are not relaxing or hunting.

Photographer Andy Harris caught these two sea otters in the act of tickling one other. Aww!

9. Nah, Don’t Tell Me…Really?’

This sea otter’s face indicates that she has just overheard the biggest rumor of her life.

Despite the fact that the photographer recorded the sea otter grooming itself, we’d like to believe that hearing such rumour was surprising for her. “Otter Senior cheated on Otter Sandra,” according to rumor.

10. ’Oh My God, Why Did I Say That…’

This polar bear isn’t a big fan of going out. So when a friend invited him to a hunting party, he said yes.

He’s now enraged since he should have answered yes at the time.

11. When Waltz Dance Goes Wrong

Alastair Marsh, a photographer, caught a sequence of photographs of these two girls squabbling.

Those who are unaware of the backstory of this snapshot may believe they were having a waltz dance until one errant step resulted in this comical disaster.

12.  Space Monkey

This Japanese snow monkey emerged from the snow after rolling around in it. It now seems to be dressed in a spacesuit and ready to become the first monkey to walk on the moon.

13. Enjoying the View

Gombe, a 10-month-old chimp, is having the time of his life right now.

He appears to be at ease and taking in the scenery. When humans watch their favorite television show, they exhibit this characteristic as well.

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