10 Beautiful Adult Birthday Cake Ideas

1. Nutella Layer Birthday Cake
The cake is a moist and super intense chocolate cake that uses a little hazelnut flour to make it even tastier. To make it even more chocolatey; bomb the layers inbetween layers the sponge cake alternating between chopped hazelnuts, chocolate sprinkles and chopped Kinder Duplo chocolates. Get instructions via Cau de Sucre.

adult birthday cake ideas and recipes

2. Strawberry Birthday Cake
This moist and fluffy strawberry cake might just be the perfect birthday cake! It’s filled with strawberry and lemon buttercream and crowned with dainty strawberries and delicate buttercream roses.Get instructions via Preppy Kitchen.

adult birthday cake ideas and recipes

3. Donut Birthday Cake
Donuts are the perfect companion for adult birthday cakes. First stack our apple cakes, then top them with generous donuts. A few decorative beads and flowers complete the dream of a birthday cake! Get directions via Kuchenkult.

adult birthday cake ideas and recipes

4. Drippy Chocolate Birthday Cake
Aussie cake designers like Katherine Sabbath, Unbirthday Bakery, and Cakes by Cliff (to name a few) have taken the cake design world by storm with their fun new twists on the classic chocolate drip cake. Learn how to make a drippy chocolate cake, with perfect drizzles of ganache, purposefully placed candy pieces and shards of chocolate. Get recipe from The Cake Blog

adult birthday cake ideas and recipes

5. Vegan Tofu Tiramisu Birthday Cake
Get recipe via isfood.agughostkey

adult birthday cake ideas and recipes

6. To Die For Carrot Birthday Cake
Truly the BEST Carrot Cake you’ll ever try! So easy to make and as an added bonus, there’s no oil or butter. I know this cake will quickly become a family favorite! Get recipe from Mom On Time Out.

adult birthday cake ideas and recipes

7. Red Velvet Birthday Cake Recipe
This is a light chocolate cake, with lots of addictive cream cheese frosting and a crown of buttercream roses. This cake is moist but so light and fluffy; it really is the perfect match for all that delicious frosting! You can make this without any food coloring and it will be a light tan color, not quite red, but it will be eaten just as quickly! Get recipe via Preppy Kitchen.adult birthday cake ideas and recipes

8. Confetti Birthday Cake Cheesecake Recipe
With a layer of no-bake cheesecake on top of a birthday cake crust, this cheesecake is the perfect birthday treat. The base is moist and fluffy and the cheesecake is rich and creamy, all with EXTRA sprinkles. But don’t be deceived by this cake and cheesecake combo. It’s very easy to make and it tastes as good as it looks! Get recipe via Butternut Bakery.adult birthday cake ideas and recipes

9. Naked Birthday Cake Recipe
This cake features layers of cake, lemon curd, crushed meringues, Swiss buttercream and sparklers. Boom. What more could you ask for? A naked birthday cake is basically one that’s barely frosted on the outside so you can see all those glorious layers on the inside!! And because it needs to be bright and cheerful we threw on a bunch of pink and yellow candies and flowers PLUS some sparklers on top.Get recipe via What’s Gabby Cooking.adult birthday cake ideas and recipes

10. Perfect Pumpkin Layer Birthday Cake Recipe
It’s deliciously moist because of the buttermilk, totally fluffy from the cake flour, and the combination of sweetness and spice is divine. The pumpkin flavor of this cake comes from canned, pureed pumpkin and a medley of beautiful spices: cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg, and ground ginger.Get recipe via Sugar and Sparrow.adult birthday cake ideas and recipes

Source: Birthday Butler

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