10+ Creative and Unusual Cake Designs

When we hear the word “cake,” we usually think of a circular baked treat piled with various types of sweets and generally garnished with gorgeous flowers and ribbons. The first cakes, however, were rather different, as described in Ancient Rome and Greece: the Romans would simply improve basic bread dough with butter, eggs, and honey, while the more inventive Greeks would construct their own version of a cheesecake using goat’s milk. The term “cake,” on the other hand, comes from the Vikings and their Old Norse name for it, “kaka.”

Whether it’s a cheesecake, sponge cake, butter cake, or fruit cake, the sight of these delectable confections generally makes our mouths wet. Recently, though, confectioners have begun to become a little more creative with the traditional embellishments, transforming these delicacies into true delicious pieces of art. Not only were the traditional flowers replaced with increasingly unusual figures (such as small pigs), but the forms of the cool cakes began to shift from amusing to strange. Here’s a sampling of some of the most unique cake designs available — how would you react if you were handed a cake art specimen dressed as a turkey or a human baby?

1. ‘Pigs in The Mud’ Cake

2. Snake Cake

11 Creative and Unusual Cake Designs

3. Nikon Cake

4. Turkey Cake

5. Ice Age Cake

6. Carrot Pot Cake

11 Creative and Unusual Cake Designs

7. Human Cakes

8. Octopus Cake

9. Beer Bucket Cake

10. James Bond Wedding Cake

11. Panda Cake

11 Creative and Unusual Cake Designs
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