10 ingredients to sublimate your rice

Steamed rice, stir-fried, pilaf, or water: despite all your efforts to change the cooking methods, your rice always tastes the same and it becomes weary. To give a little pep’s to your dish, opt for one of these 10 ingredients that will sublimate the most basic rice recipes.


Since the beginning of the lockdown, do you alternate between butter rice and grated cheese rice because you do not have much inspiration or so many ingredients to prepare elaborate recipes? Fortunately for you, a little can sublimate your bowl of rice, starting with sauces and other liquids.

To start, cook your rice in a well-flavored broth: the grains will take the flavors of the liquid and will be all the better.

If you have a brick of coconut milk lying around at the bottom of the closet, now is the time to use it. After cooking the rice, flavor it with this vegetable milk and spices. The result: a sublimated rice that changes from the ordinary. With chicken and a few cashews, this dish will be a curry delight.

Rice and tomato sauce, does it match? Obviously. This is even the basis of the recipe for beef lok lak or thieboudienne. If you don’t have beef or fish on hand, an onion, pepper dice and a few olives will go perfectly with your tomato coulis rice.

For the creamy side, choose a cream-based sauce. Forest sauce, with its mushrooms, is a perfect example.

Soy sauce and saté are also an exceptional duo in stir-fried rice.


Nothing like a few spices to raise the subtle scent of Thai or basmati rice. Bring curry, paprika, or saffron: your rice will only be sublimated. In addition, it saves you from emptying the jar of salt to give taste. A bowl of spicy rice, it’s all good.

Also, think about nuts: cashews and pistachios will be wonderful on your plate of stir-fried rice. With peas and little almonds, you will get a delicious dish.


Let all vegetarians rest assured: not associating your white rice with meat does not necessarily mean that it will be tasteless. Proof of this is rice with carrots and peas or this recipe of stir-fried rice with spinach shoots. But it’s not the only greenery that fits perfectly with a simple bowl of white rice. Generally speaking, aromatic herbs like coriander and parsley will go very well with it.

As you can see, a dish that is all that is banal without much to serve with can become extraordinary with little spices, a raised sauce, little vegetables, or nuts. Now, all you have to do is choose between all these.

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