10 Must-Try Vietnamese Foods That You Never Forget

Like many countries in the world, Vietnamese cuisine also leaves a big impression in the hearts of foreign tourists. Famous Vietnamese dishes have gradually asserted their position and appeal. Let’s find out the world famous Vietnamese dishes that have been recognized by many foreigners.

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  1. Pho

Pho is a classic Vietnamese meal that is known as the “national food” of the country. Pho is still the spiritual meal of the Vietnamese people today, and it is famous on five continents.

CNN named Pho one of the top 50 most delectable foods in the world and one of the top dishes to taste at least once in your life. That said, seeing Pho’s uniqueness on the international culinary map is enough!

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2. Vietnamese Baguettes – Banh Mi

Baguettes may have been influenced by the French, but Banh Mi is authentically Vietnamese. The soft, chewy interior of a baguette is quickly smeared with paté and margarine, and the sandwich is afterwards piled high with pickled vegetables, fresh cilantro, pork belly, pig floss, and cucumber. Bite through the crispy crust and watch the warm roll give way to a whole scheme of textures.

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3. Banh Cuon

Banh Cuon is a delicacy made from big circular sheets of steamed rice flour collected around minced pork and wood-ear mushroom and delicately folded and diced. This savory delicacy is always cooked fresh to order, with dried shallots on top and a side dish of fish sauce with pig sausage on the side. As a local, eat it for breakfast, and feel free to add fresh herbs to liven up your mouthful.

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4. Goi Cuon

Goi Cuon is a flavor-packed salad wrap that’s bursting at the seams with freshness. Softened rice paper sheets are used to create the semi-transparent skin. A stack of lush greens, mint, coriander, some kind of protein, and a stalk of garlic chive sticking out from the tightly wrapped roll are encased within. A surf and turf combination of pork tenderloin and shelled shrimp is the most frequent Goi Cuon. In a dish of nutty sauce, the roll is dipped.

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5. Xoi

Xoi, or Vietnamese sticky rice, is unique among sticky rice interpretations in the region. The heavier, denser glutinous staple is available in both savory and sweet varieties. Savory Xoi, is a popular and affordable breakfast option. Do you crave something sweeter? There are more than 20 different varieties of sweet Xoi, but if you want to be mesmerized, you’re in luck. The five-colored Xoi, is a psychedelic swirl of purple, green, red, yellow, and white tinted using natural plant extracts.

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6. Bun Bo Hue

Bun Bo Hue is a magnificent exhibition of both beauty and flavor, representing the royal cuisine of Hue – a city in Vietnam. The bright crimson broth is the first clue of its bold flavor, which comes from hours of boiling beef bones and lemongrass stalks to create a zesty combination. This lively dish gets a boost from flash-boiled veggies coupled with succulent beef shanks. Although this is a beef soup (the word Bo in Vietnamese means “beef”), don’t be shocked to see sausage in the bowl.

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7. Bun Cha

Many writers believe that the subtlety that bun cha can make foreign guests fall in love with is enough “medium” culture in the dining system. Just enough meat – not too lean or too fat, just enough vegetables, fish sauce and vermicelli for you to enjoy the meal.

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8. Bun Dau Mam Tom

This unassuming tofu and noodle dish is topped with Mam Tom sauce, Vietnam’s version of Vegemite. The spicy purple dipping sauce is used to flavor the deep-fried tofu slabs that form the meal’s centerpiece.

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9. Banh Xeo

A excellent Banh Xeo is a crispy crepe stuffed with pork, shrimp, and bean sprouts, as well as the fresh herbs that most authentic Vietnamese meals are known for. Cut one into manageable slices, roll it up in rice paper or lettuce leaves, then dip it in whatever special sauce the chef has prepared for you.

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10. Com Tam

While there are other methods to cook it, the most common is Com Tam Suon. A fried egg is served beside a caramelized grilled pork chop and a mound of broken rice. The meal is then smeared in sauce, a chili, fish sauce, and sugar combination, as well as a drizzle of green onion oil. A side of shredded pickled carrots and daikon, slices of cucumbers and tomatoes, and crushed fried pork rinds and shallots for garnish are the finishing touches.

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