11 Wedding Cake Trends to Know in 2022

If you’re getting married in 2022, you could be close to finalizing your meal. And, after such a fantastic supper, it’s only fitting to end the night with an equally spectacular wedding cake.

While traditional white wedding cakes will always be a beautiful choice for the event, the variety of wedding cakes and other delights available is growing all the time. Beautiful patterns have become even more popular in recent years, as well as creative, new techniques that bakers are eager to provide their partners.

Are you looking for the ideal wedding cake design for your 2022 wedding date? Learn what will be on-trend from leading industry bakers by reading on.

1. Bas Relief Detailing

2. Small Cutting Cakes

3. Individual Mini Cakes

4. Black Cakes

5. Replicating Patterns

6. Citrus Cakes

7. Pressed Florals

8. Bold, Colorful Cakes

9. Separated Tiers

10. Modern Art Masterpieces

11. Pet Portraits

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