12 Amazing Vintage Cakes You Will Love

Are you looking for some antique cake ideas? You’ve come to the right place! They’re becoming a trendy cake fad (also known as Lambeth cakes) and a personal favorite of mine! They’re simply so gorgeous, and there are so many variations (colors, piping tips, and so on!). I’m not sure what it is about them that makes them so appealing, but their distinctive piping methods are quickly becoming a favoured trend in the cake decorating industry. Because there’s so much inspiration on social media, I’ve compiled a list of fantastic vintage cake ideas from professional cake decorators for your birthday cake or Bridgerton themed party!

1. Chandelier Cake

2. Black Vintage Goth Cake

3. Purple Lambeth Inspired Cake

4. Lambeth Candy Cake

5. Cute Vintage Cake

6. Girly & Glitter Cake

7. Teracotta Inspired Tiered Cake

8. Watermelon Vintage Cake Ideas

9. Delicate Pink Lambeth Cake

10. Birthday Vintage Inspired Cake

11. Cherry Lambeth Cake

12. Peachy Old World Tiered Cake

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