15 Best Compound Butter Recipes for Bread, Meat, and Vegetables

These compound butter dishes will elevate your culinary skills. These delectable homemade condiments are prepared simply by combining butter with a few other ingredients to create a unique flavor.

But the fantastic flavor it gives your food will make you forget how simple it is.

These butters are fantastic additions to any meal. They have the ability to transform a plain bun or piece of toast into a spectacular delight. Use the savory ones on handmade pizza dough or melted over green beans as a side dish. Use your imagination and have fun!

  1. Chipotle Butter
    To produce a great Mexican flavor, combine canned chipotle peppers and lime juice in this recipe. This one is great for putting on steak or spreading over an ear of corn. Salmon cakes are another option. Alternatively, melted over popcorn.

2. Garlic Herb for Steak
The herbs are yours to choose. It’s a garden-fresh flavor that’s uncomplicated and easy to appreciate, any way. Excellent with steaks and corn on the cob. It’s also excellent with asparagus and green beans.

3. Red Wine Butter Recipe
With rosemary, garlic, and chives, this dish has a strong flavor. This one was almost built for steaks, as every ingredient complements beef. It’s also delicious melted on top of asparagus.

4. Truffle Butter Recipe
This one pairs well with beef because it has a strong umami flavor and a lot of powerful flavor from the truffle puree. It’s also delicious melted over pasta, either with or without additional meat or vegetables. (If you’ve ever had brown butter spaghetti with mushrooms, you’ll have an idea of what I’m talking about.)

5. Coffee Butter Recipe
You’ve probably heard that marinating meat in coffee or coffee grounds is a good idea? With ground coffee and milk, this butter has that kind of flavor. It’s also delicious spread on toast.

6. Bacon Onion Butter
This dish is perfect for burgers or steaks because it contains two incredibly delicious ingredients. It’s also fantastic in a baked potato.

7. Caper-Tarragon
It was created with steak in mind, but it also works well with fish and fowl. Garlic and Worcestershire sauce are also included in this dish. This, along with the capers, gives it a slightly acidic flavor, while the terragon adds a bit of its own flavor – almost cinnamon-like, but not quite.

8. Italian Compound Butter
This recipe has a Mediterranean flavor because to the sun-dried tomatoes, basil, and garlic. It’s great spread on warm pita bread, melted over meat, or baked into a potato.

9. Roasted Garlic Butter Recipe
In this basic butter recipe, the roasting makes all the difference. It goes well with steak, chicken, pasta, and bread, as well as other roasted garlic dishes.

10. Sundried Tomato Basil Finishing Butter
With sun-dried tomato, basil, and other ingredients, this dish is bold and savory. Excellent with steak and salmon, particularly when poured over pasta.

11. Bacon Blue Cheese Butter
Salty and smokey, with a lot of blue cheese flavor. You’re probably aware of how delicious this combination is on burgers. You may now spread it on bread, steaks, and whatever else you choose. It also goes well with salmon and tuna.

12. Cinnamon Brown Sugar Butter
Honey butter can be replaced with this three-ingredient recipe. This recipe can also be made with raisins.

13. Strawberry Butter
This excellent recipe uses chopped strawberries for texture instead of a smooth blended strawberry flavored butter. This one can be made quickly and easily in a food processor.

14. Pecan Praline Butter
With undertones of vanilla and cinnamon, it’s sweet and nutty. This butter is ideal for waffles or pancakes. It also goes well with bagels and biscuits. Baked sweet potatoes, too.

15. Raspberry Honey Butter
You can prepare it any time of year, not just when raspberries are in season, because it’s made with frozen raspberries. This one also has a lovely texture. This is a nice recipe to try if you like raspberries. It elevates simple morning breads like toast, pancakes, and waffles to new heights.

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