15 Ways to Decorate a Plain Wedding Cake

There are a number of simple and inspirational methods to transform a naked cake or basic frosted wedding cake into a work of art!

A simple wedding cake gives the perfect blank canvas to convey your feel as a couple, whether you love the concept of a classic fruit cake but want to give it a modern twist or are on a budget and need ideas to spice up a sponge.

Simple styling may make your cake simple and economical; commission unique artwork on white icing; or outfit it to match your florals, color scheme, or venue. There are no Bake Off-style guidelines to follow, so dress up or down your wedding cake anyway you choose!

1. Metallic Drip Icing Wedding Cake

2. Gold Leaf Wedding Cake

3. Textured White Icing

4. Quilted White Icing Wedding Cake

5. ‘Favourite Place’ Wedding Cake

6. Pottery Style Wedding Cake

7. Semi-Naked Cake with Pink Flowerheads

8. Embellished Semi-Naked Cake with Lavender Sprigs

9. Blush Pink Semi-Naked Cake

10. Autumn Leaf Wedding Cake

11. Dried Citrus Semi-Naked Cake

12. Coconut Sponge Cake

13. Physalis Wedding Cake

14. Paint Palette Cake

15. Ribbon Wedding Cake

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