17 Amazing Birthday Cake Alternatives

For all of you non-conformists out there who like to shake things up a little and shy away from a traditional cake, check out these incredible, creative birthday cake alternatives that make my jaw drop. What kid wouldn’t love a ginormous donut cake? Forget kids…I would love a ginormous donut cake! Below we identify 17 sweet treats and easy recipes to make a spark at all the birthday parties. Next time you have a special occasion you will have a special dessert to match!

The best part is this is the real thing, check out the amazing birthday cakes available!

1. The huge chocolate chip cookie ice cream cake

Although this isn’t a traditional birthday cake, it is a great way to say happy birthday to an ice cream lover!

birthday cake alternatives

2. The brownie tower

The first bite will have you in a chocolate ganache fantasy, try adding chocolate chips to surprise the birthday boy!

birthday cake 6

3. Rice crispy cake

This is a great birthday cake recipe for someone who might have dietary restrictions. You might not even have to go to the grocery store for the ingredients, it’s that simple!

birthday cake alternatives

4. Waffle stack cake

We’ve seen a cookie cake , but what about waffles?? Check out this delicious recipe and try adding some maple syrup!

birthday cake alternatives

5. I’m 100% sold on this yummy popcorn cake

birthday cake 3

6. This watermelon cake is a fresh and healthy alternative

This option is another one of the best ways to delight someone with dietary restrictions!

birthday cake 2

7. An impressive trifle cake (and it’s gluten free!)

birthday cake 1

8. Chocolate dipped strawberries & pretzels

This is a great option for someone who doesn’t prefer a traditional cake. Who doesn’t love fresh fruit?

birthday cake 8

9. Candy cake

What better birthday gift than a cake filled with candy! This is the perfect birthday cake for a person with a huge sweet-tooth.

birthday cake 9

10. Too-many candles cake

This would be gorgeous for an 80th birthday celebration! Try adding different colors of candles to give a fun look.

birthday cake 10

11. Crepe cake

Yes, yes, and yes! Crepes are my birthday breakfast of choice…even better as a cake! Spread a little Nutella between each layer and top with strawberries…yum.

birthday cake 11

12. Decadent donut cake

Oh my forbidden fantasies…

birthday cake 12

13. Nutella crunch ice cream cake

This might not be the most elegant cake but it will certainly be a hit with all of your family members!

birthday cake 13

14. Peanut butter ice cream pie

And yes, it has a Nutter Butter crust. Make this for your next birthday party!

birthday cake 14

15. Jello cake anyone?

birthday cake 17

16. Macaroon cake

birthday cake 16

17. Stacked Oreo cake

Add a few gallons of milk and you’ve got a party!

birthday cake 15

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