17 Creative And Easy Ways To Decorate A Cake

Getting creative with the embellishments is half the joy of crafting a handmade cake recipe. Following the baking and stacking of the cakes, you may unleash your inner artist by creating flowers, figures, and other embellishments out of fondant or other clever materials. And nothing beats the expression of delight on everyone’s faces as you present your creation—perhaps to the tune of “Happy Birthday” while everyone oohs and aahs.

1. Use Trix cereal to make brightly colored polka dots.

2. Create a “watercolored” cake using gel food coloring and a paintbrush.

3. Use actual flowers (the edible kind).

4. Pull a Jackson Pollock and splatter-paint the top of a cake with frosting.

5. Make some buttercream frosting in a variety of colors and use a decorating tip to completely cover a cake with stars.

6. Prepare a cake that combines breakfast with dessert and use Fruity Pebbles as a topping.

7. “Embroider” a cake with sprinkles.

8. Create number-shaped, confetti-covered marshmallow toppers.

9. Put those fruit snacks in your cupboard to good use and turn Fruit Roll-Ups into bunting and Fruit by the Foot into bows.

10. Use cookie cutters to decorate neatly with sprinkles.

11. It may look fancy, but you only need some ziplock bags and a spoon to decorate this gorgeous petal cake.

12. Easily create a gorgeous ombre cake using edible decorating paper and food dye.

13. Top a cake with delicious “dirt.”

14. Head to the farmers market to get the decorating ingredients for this fruity cake.

15. Cut some rainbow Twizzlers into pieces and use them to make an edible garden.

16. Use a stencil to make a number using powdered sugar.

17. Make your own chocolate cake toppers using melted chocolate.

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