20+ Creative Birthday Cakes For Kids

Who doesn’t like a themed birthday cake? Nothing makes parents happier than seeing their children’s faces lighting up with a thousand-watt smile, thus every parent desires to celebrate their children’s birthdays in a large way. I offer a beautiful assortment of birthday cakes for kids that will make their birthdays particularly unforgettable for the apple of your eye.

Prepare some appropriate cakes and present them to your friends and family’ doorsteps to commemorate children’s day. In this 22 birthday cake design collection by @CakeaDoodle.qa you’ll find a cake in every birthday theme imaginable for both boys and girls, from first birthdays to teenage birthdays. Nimitha Moideen is a cake designer who specializes in celebration and children’s birthday cakes.

1. Mermaid cake

2. Minnie cake

3. Spiderman cake design

4. Baby shark cake

5. Sewing themed birthday cake

6. Dinosaur Cake Design

7. Ice Cream Cake

8. Marvel Cake Design

9. Rainbow Cake

10. Pikachu Cake Design

11. Tom & Jerry Cake Design

12. Mickey Mouse Cake

13. Pooh Cake Design

14. Marvel Cake Design

15. Hot-air balloon Cake

16. Lego Cake

17. Cute little bunny Cake

18. Roblox cake

19 Aladdin Cake

20. Kitty Cake Design

21. Harry Potter Cake

22. PS 5 Cake

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