20 Incredibly Creative Cakes That Are Almost Too Cool To Eat

1. Library
Is that a part of a doll house? No, this library is not part of a doll house. It’s a delicious cake.Up! Cake

2. Up! Cake
OMG! Take a look at how much fun this cake is. It’s the Up balloon house cake! The figures are even printed on the cake.

3. The Sorting Hat
This cake is eerily similar to Harry Potter’s Sorting Hat. Every wrinkle, every shade, is just how it should be. This is a true piece of art.

4. Rainbow Polo Shirt Cake
This dessert is just gorgeous. So colorful and lovely! Take a look at those incredible layers!

5. Heinz Beanz
Next to the cake, we have the genuine deal. Are you able to distinguish which one is which? They appear to be nearly identical.

6. French Cheese Chips
Someone is a huge fan of potato chips. Are those genuine chips that are erupting from the cake? They seem delicious, and I want to eat them.

7. The King of Rock and Roll
This is intended to be a cake in the shape of Elvis Presley. However, I believe that is a cake for an Elvis impersonator. He’s got everything, including a microphone.

8. Sugar Skull Cake
This cake is really detailed. Those flowers look very real. And take a peek at those bones’ print!

9. Baby Orangutan
The amount of hair coming out of this young orangutan is incredible. The shading on him is absolutely outstanding. And take a look at that glint in his eye.

10. IT
Take a look at this weirdo. It’s IT, the insane clow from the film It. He’s got a crusty ass head.

11. Iorek Byrnison
That is, indeed, a cake.  This is Iorek Byrnison. He’s an armored bear from the movie. 

12. Homicidal Wedding Cake
This wedding cake is quite horrifying. The nasty grin on this cake’s face is fantastic. In addition, there are those bloodied pumpkins in the backdrop.

13. Winnie the Pooh Cake
Take a look at this cute scenario. Winnie the Pooh and his company are here. Pooh seemed to have shed a few pounds.

14. Maltese Cake
Puppy!!!! This cake has the appearance of a Maltese dog. It’s also equally as cute as the genuine thing.

15. Jumping Fish
The colors on this cake are very stunning. With the gold edging, it’s perfectly balanced. It appears to be a highly complex cake.

16. Tangled Cake
The colors on this cake are very stunning. With the gold edging, it’s perfectly balanced. It appears to be a highly complex cake.

17. I Am Groot
Groot is here! It’s Groot, the baby. The Guardians of the Galaxy tree character.

18. Baby Jack Jack
We have Baby Jack Jack here. Incredibles 2 is based on this film. Look at that straight-as-a-straight-as-a-straight-as

19. Traveling Cake
Get your suitcases ready! We’re having cake right now. This is a fantastic travel cake.

20. Topsy Turvy Teddies
These teddy bears have the appearance of actual soft toys. They appear to be soft if you touch them. It’s incredible how they managed to balance this cake.

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