13+ Mermaid Cakes & Party Ideas For Your Kids

Mermaid Cakes are trending big this year and gosh – I just love them!  With that in mind, I invited members of my All Things Cake group to share some of their best Mermaid Cakes and I’ve chosen a few to mix in with mine and share 13+ Mermaid Party Cake Ideas!

If you’re looking for inspiration for your Mermaid Cakes – this post will hook you up!  Also – they’re not all pictured in the collage, so be sure to keep scrolling until you get all the way to the bottom!

Collage of mermaid cakes

Quite honestly, the mermaid trend has been around so long, I was sure it would’ve died out by now. And maybe it did fizzle for a while but it’s on fire again now and everywhere I turn – I’m seeing Mermaid birthday parties, Mermaid baby shower cakes and Mermaid-themed sweets in every variety!

So without further delay – I’m going to share more than a dozen Mermaid Cakes and I hope you find at least one that you love!

Mermaid Cakes

Most recently, I made this Mermaid Unicorn Cake:

Mermaid Unicorn Cake - bottom tier has teal, blue, purple, and pink  fondant mermaid scales with a mermaid tail coming up from the board.  The top tier is a unicorn cake with a horn topper and buttercream mane.

This Mermaid & Unicorn Cake was such a fun cake to put together.  It would’ve never occurred to me to mix the Mermaid & Unicorn theme, but it was so dreamy and everything about the party was just magical!  I’ll share all the details about this cake in a separate post soon (I hope).

mermaid unicorn cake with close up pictures of mermaid tail on bottom layer

Apparently, though, the idea was not completely unique…

Ombre Blue Buttercream cake with a unicorn horn and a mermaid tail coming out of the top of the cake. 
A blue bow is on the front.

…because here’s another cake with a mermaid and a unicorn.  I think this was the first cake shared in the thread when I asked you to share your Mermaid cakes and I instantly knew I loved this quirky and sweet cake designed by the birthday girl herself 🙂 Cake design executed by Stacey Cakes.

Mermaid Birthday 5 tier Cake. Bottom (1st) tier is teal ombre waves, 2nd tier is covered in mermaid scales, 3rd tier has the texture of sand and a name in teal, 4th tier is teal with a mermaid on the front, top (5th) tier is covered in pearls with a number 4 topper.

Sweet Peas Cakery made this darling Mermaid cake!  Every tier is just a delight, from the waves at the bottom, the sand tier in the middle all the way to the top covered in pearls.  Love, love, love!

Mermaid Birthday Cake with seashell topper. Bottom tier is pink, mint, and white ruffles, mint double barrel middle tier with seaweed up the sides, and the top tier is covered with mermaid scales in mint, white, and pink.

In contrast to the previous cake, this Mermaid Birthday Cake was lighter and the pastels just made it so soft and pretty. This cake was made by LW Cake Design.

Mermaid Birthday Cake with gold seashells, scales, and mermaid tails

As I was scrolling through all of the cakes shared with me in the group, this one caught my attention right away.  The watercolor look of the cake beneath all the gold is just stunning! It’s so clean and elegant and just WOW!  This Mermaid Cake was done by Danielle at A Piece of Cake.

Bonus – here’s one more super cute Mermaid cake by A Piece of Cake:

Mermaid Birthday Cake with various colored seaweed and coral. Fondant mermaid cut out on the bottom tier with her green tail going up the top tier. Topper is underwater reef replica

And still… there’s more 🙂

Mermaid Birthday Cake with pink and aqua blue colored waves, seaweed, shells, and coral. Toppers are mermaid tails and number 30.

Switching gears a bit, this is obviously a much smaller Mermaid cake, but it’s just so cute and perfect.  I love the special details, like the ombre name on the front and the marbled fondant for the mermaid tails.  Just so unique! This cake was done by J Desserts.

Mermaid Cake with blue ombre scales and glittery gold seaweed and 2 topper

Sometimes simplicity is best and this cake by I Bake You Enjoy is just lovely and pretty and simple and stunning. I love the added details of the gold seaweed and pearls… little details that make a big impact!

Sweet small mermaid cake. Teal cake with ombre scales up the sides and a 2d mermaid with a red tail on top. Pearls dot the top and sides.

This sweet little Mermaid Cake is another example of “less is more”. My client only needed a small cake so I kept the details to a minimum and only used a couple of colors but overall – the effect was a precious little cake.  Details about this cake are posted here.

pastel mermaid cake with gold details and sculpted mermaid

Every time I look at this Mermaid Cake by Jo Takes the Cake, I see another detail I adore. The colors are pretty unique (very little blue) and then there are other touches of unique. The beautiful lettering, the perfectly sculpted mermaid, the sequined 7 on top… I could go on and on. It’s simple, yet elegant and quite perfect.

3 tiered cake with ombre blue ruffles on the bottom and top tiers, green blue middle tier with coral and seaweed up the sides. The topper is a Precious Moments Little Mermaid in a shell.

This one from KT Cakes and More.  The sweet topper caught my eye, but also all of the ruffles in multiple colors. I know that took hours and hours of work and the effect was definitely worth it!

Mermaid Birthday Cake with a teal bottom tier with pink, blue, and purple shells, coral, and seaweed along the sides. The top tier has the same colored scales and a purple mermaid tail.  Topped with a gold 3.

One last birthday cake by yours truly… this cake was a treat to make!  I’ve been making this little girl’s birthday cakes for years and every year, Mom chooses such a pretty theme!  This Mermaid theme party was no exception!

Mermaid cakes aren’t just for birthdays…

Baby Shower Mermaid Cakes

Mermaid Baby Shower Cake with sculpted pregnant mermaid topper ruffles and seaweed

I’m always fascinated by cake artists who can sculpt beautiful figures, so this Mermaid Baby Shower Cake by Shabby Chic Cake Boutique was an easy choice to share.  Every tier of the cake is stunning, but that topper just really takes it to the next level!

Mermaid & Under the Sea Baby Shower Cake. Bottom tier is ombre blue waves, top 2 tiers are light blue, topped with a glittery gold E. Along the sides of each tier are shells, seaweed, mermaid tails, seahorses, and pearls.

I’ve also done a baby shower cake… this  Under the Sea Mermaid Cake!  The colors for this baby shower were so rich and beautiful! The deep pinks and purples with the gold against the lighter blue just popped!  I couldn’t have been more happy with how this cake turned out!

Mermaid Cupcakes

Vanilla cupcakes with light blue frosting. The cupcakes are topped with fondant mermaid tails and shells.

Mermaid cupcakes are also really popular! I didn’t get any really great pics of them, but they were really pretty!  I did mermaid tails, shells and other “under the sea” toppers to tie them all together.

Cupcakes with swirls of teal frosting. The edges of the frosting have been dipped in colorful sprinkles. Each is topped with a fondant mermaid tail.

Speaking of cupcakes, my friend Susan (again from I Bake You Enjoy) also made some Mermaid Cupcakes!  I love how she did the sprinkles on the bottom – SO fun and pretty!

Cake Pop shaped like a purple mermaid tail and Dipped Oreos with a mermaid tail on one and a gold starfish on the other.

And to finish up, if you’re looking for more sweet treats with the mermaid theme, check out these cake pops and dipped OREOs by N&N Cakes.  I can’t imagine how long it took to make those if she had a big order!

Okay – I know I didn’t even scratch the surface of sharing all of the gorgeous cakes you all shared with me but thank you for contributing and if you’re not a member of All Things Cake, please hop over and request to join now!

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