3 little-known typical Mexican dishes that you must try

Mexico has vast gastronomy and this time we will tell you about three typical Mexican dishes that are little known, but no less delicious.

Mexican cuisine is complex, diverse, and full of flavor. It is a journey through all the taste buds, thanks to the diversity of the dishes in their regions and the mixtures of flavors that do not cease to surprise everyone.


Chileatole© Provided by Chic Magazine Chileatole

Since ancient times, this delicacy is made for the gods. It is said that even Hernán Cortés could not resist, since this revealing fact is reflected in the Letters of Relationship, where he describes it as an energy and delicious drink unique in its kind. As its name says, it is atole in which chili is used as a condiment in conjunction with corn, making the explosive combination that conquers every palate.

Today it is consumed more like a soup, but in Pre-Hispanic times it was known as a drink that was combined with toasted cocoa and honey. It is currently a dish that is tasted in the states of Puebla, Tlaxcala, and Veracruz, and in each one, it is prepared differently.

Huauzontle pancakes

huauzontle pancakes© Provided by Chic Magazine huauzontle pancakes

The huauzontle is a quality that in the time of Montezuma was ranked as the fourth most important crop, after corn, beans, and chili. It is currently consumed in several regions of the Mexican Republic, although its preparation varies, since they are served in different sauces, stuffed with cheese, capeadas, among other presentations.

This dish is more present in the central area of the country and is combined with various foods until reaching the most gourmet dishes.


peanut© Provided by Chic Magazine peanuts

From the beautiful State of Sonora comes La Cahuamanta, a broth that was originally made with turtle meat, but as in our country this animal is in danger of extinction, instead the manta ray or shrimp is used. Originally from Ciudad Obregón, it has traveled the world and you can also place it among the most coveted gourmet dishes.

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